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““I Know You've Waited So Long” starts with a romp roaring jig, getting us in the mood for a barn dance. Mandolin beats furiously to win our attention over the guitar. We're swiftly taken to “Soiled Dove”, a comedic, but sad tale of a working man spending his weekend at a brothel. The men listening will enjoy this song thoroughly, as it lends it's melody to a sing-along. “Cowboys and Fallen Angels” keeps us in the old west, as Phillip whips off a story of the “Angels” that enchant a lowly bar. Before our hearts yearn for something soft, we are gracefully entranced by “Beauty in the Sadness”, a lovely ballad ensuring the listener of better times to come. Then we're right back at it, with “State Highway One”. This song possesses a minimalist quality that reminds the listener of the continual driving on a long road trip. “Dead To Me” hops in with Ben's gritty vocals and revenge filled lyrics. Phillip brings us back to the classic “man on the run” story of 'D”

Nalani Proctor - Nalani Proctor Band/The War I Survived

“Ghost Hollow Road (GHR) , the power duo from the mean streets of Kansas, Also known as brothers Phil and Ben, bring their A game with their voices and strings on GHR's debut album "I Know You've Waited So Long". Not many acoustic acts rock out as hard as these guys do, and for that matter, some full 5 piece bands fail to keep up them on the stage and in the studio. "I Know You've Waited So Long" is full of great tracks that showcase GHR's unique blend of traditional country, folk and punk while painting a picture of loss, booze and murder. It even includes a bonus track of the song that initial caught my attention "Hangman" as well as my personal favorite "Dead Man Riding". If you haven't seen these guys yet you need to do so, they play nearly everyday somewhere, probably right now, and for the love of Zod get this album you won't regret it. I shot a man in a river town! Bernie Flesch”

Bernie Flesch - Two Trick Pony

"Man these guys really nailed a good piece of wood, putting together Ghost Hollow Road! This album is filled with all out looks of life, from yer drunken happiness to... I want this song to play at my funeral! With the drive & energy like a truck, you feel there should be more then just 2 of them. Keep yer eyes and ears peeled back fer these cowboys because they're hauling ass around the corner!!"

Bryan Holiday - S.S. Web