Ghostfeeder / Press

“If Ghostfeeder can stay on the right side of commercial - appealing to the masses who have taste rather than selling out for the big bucks to whatever sounds good that month - Walborn and his boys could become a very popular band.”

“Although Rochester, New York, electro-rockers Ghostfeeder are all about blurring lines, these guys are pretty sharp. Ghostfeeder have firmly established their sonic territory by welding pop to rock with a white-hot electro-glitch blowtorch. The arresting result is a chemical wedding of big guitars; skittering, truncated beats; and a diverse array of synth textures, with singer/programmer/songwriter Derek Walborn’s lofty (and very human) voice soaring above the band’s digitally distressed foundation. Once you’ve assimilated the sound, be warned: resistance is futile! The Ghostfeeder virus has infected fans, venues, and bookers alike. As of late Ghostfeeder has performed with national artists like Powerman 5000 and Filter.”

“Ghostfeeder is an incredible band. I’d even say they are up there with the best bands, even when compared to similar genres. They are definitely as talented as NIN, Gravity Kills, Linkin Park, and the like...”

“To compare them too much to other bands is a bit unfair to them because they have such a unique sound that it's hard to box them into any specific corner. So, listen for yourself, you will not regret it! 5 STARS.”

“Derek Walborn graduated from Syracuse University in 2006 with a degree in sculpture. His somewhat aberrant aesthetic, born from a childhood obsession with aliens, insects, and videogames, has since found a musical outlet. Ghostfeeder is an electro-infused "robosexual future rock" band that utilizes a raw guitar sound and hook-driven bass lines superimposed on a coolly crafted digital backdrop. The resulting sound is reminiscent of industrial giant Nine Inch Nails with a whispering of Peter Gabriel's pop sensibilities. The effect is dichotic and exemplifies the battle between man and machine, a fight whose victor is extremely difficult to determine.”

“Though it is the group's third official release, Hard Times for Dreamers could serve as an effectively telling introduction to Ghostfeeder for any first-time listener. All of the founding fixtures of the band are present, and each one seems to be more finely-tuned and well-executed than ever before.”

“Ghostfeeder is one of the only bands in CNY doing respectable and intense industrial music. Check 'em out.”