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“You're Great! Cryin' Won't Help You Now... wow... Love it.... Your version of Love Hurts is fantastic... I'm a true fan :)”

Ben and Pete - #1 Americana Artist on charts

"Passion seeps through the amazing work of Ghezzi. With conditioned focus and ardent courage, her voice and song writing will awaken your soul." -- Danny Rosin (President, co-founder, Band Together)

Danny Rosin - Band Together

"Ghezzi's vision is SO in focus...... As a listener you are immediately transported to where she needs to take you. And if you are among the fortunate to work with her in the studio, it's one serious yet pleasurable trip. Quite the artist, that Ghezzi......." -- Kenny Soule (session/touring drummer: Nantucket, Dag, Go There

Kenny Soule

"Ghezzi's voice is like a fine Renoir"- Peter Hoyle (Director of Education NJ Opera Theater, Board of Metropolitan Opera)

Peter Hoyle - Metropolitan Opera

“My first introduction to Ghezzi was the CD "Clearing," which I reviewed last June. There is a danger in hearing a band on CD before you hear them live. Unless the band consists of some sharp, creative musicians, there is a very real possibility that what they have sculpted onto their CD is of a finer quality than what they can produce from a live stage. So I had to stop in and hear this band when I saw they were in town, and I can tell you truly, I was not disappointed. This band is not as good as they are on their CD. They're better.”

Allan Hall - the mestream.com

“Vocalist Ghezzi and guitarist extraordinaire Scott Sawyer pack a solid blues punch on this fine outing. Ghezzi's a powerful, riveting singer who commands attention on uptempo tunes (her original "Limelight") and slower classics like Sippie Wallace's "Women Be Wise." Sawyer delves deep into his blues-soaked Chicago roots, equally at home on rockin' blues or coolly perfect weepers like "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out." This is a great disc, one deeply respectful of the blues tradition while brimming with fresh takes on old classics. Highly recommended. Hear for yourself December 6 at Raleigh's Berkeley Cafe. - Gene Hyde (Spectator Magazine”

Gene Hyde - Spectator Magazine

"Multi-talented Carolyn Ghezzi, best known as “Ghezzi”,partner in Raleigh’s 618 Bistro is an example of a truly multi-faceted and fascinating woman. Her life is a series of leaps and bounds through athletics and the arts – quite literally. Prior to her more current forays into the worlds of music and restaurant partnership, she was a champion Junior Olympic swimmer and diver, and that was before she attended The NC School of the Arts at age 11. She has lived in Italy twice as a professional ballerina, and has danced with the Pennsylvania Ballet, School of American Ballet (NYC), and the Joffrey Ballet (NYC) among countless others. She has also choreographed, directed and taught ballet for years."

“Wild at Heart, catches you off guard the title never gives away what is a witchy blues based tune. So sultry are the vocals here, you want to crawl up a little closer to the speakers. "She asks the question "are you proud of me." “Yes” has to be the answer...as the flames get fanned on this dark tune. Hot and velvet. I be looking forward to more of these type of tasty smooth songs from the very talented songstress."”

"your lovely voice needs to be heard......everywhere. I think I have listened to "pretty as a picture" everyday for a about 3 years."

"you have to hear Ghezzi's version of 'Love Hurts'...it gives me chills.'She is an incredible singer/songwriter who works with the amazing guitarist, Scott Sawyer. I have to get them live on my show again soon."- Kitty Kinnin 100.7 the River

“3) What type of venues do you play at? We’ve played everything from honky tonk bars (Lakeside Lounge; Raleigh, NC) to big outdoor concerts & benefits including AidsWalk ’99. Our live show is really exciting and can work in all types of venues. 4) Tell us about the making of your CD(s)? I approach recording as a jazz artist might in that I keep editing and overdubbing to a minimum. Most of the vocals on “Clearing” were recorded live to tape. For me, it’s about the performance and recording engineers who have worked with me know to roll tape as soon as I open my mouth. I like using 1st or 2nd rhythm section takes. I like my music edgy and raw. ”

“If you are one of the fortunate few who have the premiere CD by Ghezzi released in April '97, then you have heard the song that earned Ghezzi a Certificate of Achievement Award from Billboard Magazine.So there are seven originals and seven covers on the new Ghezzi CD, "Clearing." There is no point in attempting to compare covers to originals. It's all good. But if you're a blues fan, you've got a new star to watch, because Ghezzi can lay down a blues song with the best of them, whether it's one she's written herself, or one that she has taken and made her own.”

Alan Hall - Chapel Hills News