Ghani Gautama / Press

“Enter West Virginia native Ghani Gautama, who with the help of Lovelorn Records has just released ‘Cigarette Breaks,’ a five song E.P. that will make even the most elitist rap fan stand up and take notice. Imagine, just for a moment, being greeted with a line like “The light of hope is burning dim.” as you walk into a room. That is exactly how ‘Cigarette Breaks’ opens with the song “Jesus Don’t Want Me For Middle Management,” and while saying that this is a grim-sounding statement would be true, saying that the aforementioned phrase sets the mood for the entire release would be entirely inaccurate. There is a tone to every lyric spoken that suggests hope, or at the very least, persistence in spite of a lack of hope. Where many rappers would leap at the chance to boast about every achievement in their life, Ghani Gautama does what is sadly the most unexpected thing from a rapper in 2013: he tells the truth.”

“My dude Ghani Gautama, representing the Queen City, AKA Charlotte for those who aren’t hip to the nickname. In fact, he’s been all over the place, so really, he’s reppin the whole dirty south. Below is his brand new track called “Cigarette Breaks”. The lyrics are sick in this one. There’s a few good pop culture references, and it’s one of those songs you have to play back a couple times to get the true understanding. That’s what’s missing in mainstream radio for the most part. It is the lead single off of his new album set to be released in March 2013 on Lovelorn Records.”

“...smart, progressive underground hip-hop. Gautama’s own undie rap is particularly impressive; akin to the literate hip-hop of the multifaceted Minneapolis Doomtree crew, Gautama’s beats are mercurial and his verses parsed and packed with dense, abstract metaphors. His flow is sincere and intense, machete-sharp and primed with the power of punk (Hey, is that a Fugazi line in “What Am I Waiting For?” Hint: Yes.)”

“After listening to the music on his Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ghanigautama) I quickly fell in love with his sound. “What am I waiting for” is extremely catchy (listen below), so make sure that you have time on your hands and room on your ipod before you listen to it once. The rest of the songs continue his catchy rhythm and toe tapping beats. Give it a listen, you wont regret it!”

“content is key and he has it in spades”

“You may not have heard of him yet, but you probably will soon. Ghani Guatama is not the typical hip hop artist nor the typical thinker. Get him started talking about the music industry and you are bound to learn a lot from him. Ghani Guatama is full of opinions, information, and insight”

“Describe your style of music Hiphop with a heart of gold… rap for rockers… Fugazi with a sneaker habit…”

"...Currently he's [Ghani Gautama] gearing up for The Bring 'Ya A Game Tour: Bennington Bound in May of this year featuring Akil the MC of Jurassic 5 along with Quanstar & Evaready RAW, and Metrognome. His NEW album is in the works called "Few Against Many" slated for release later this year..."