God Fearing Women / Press

“Their feel-good musical vibes are a summertime essential.”

Chelcie Hopper - NightLife NW

“GFW caught me up on their upcoming shows, album details, and let me sneak a listen the song they had completed the session before called Part-Time Lifer. The clever lyric made me laugh “full-time loser with a part time job.” Look forward to the album to be completed before Christmas, with the full length album coming out around Valentine’s Day. ”

Chelcie Hopper - NightLifeNW

“[CRASHING THE STUDIO WITH] God Fearing Women. After crashing the practice of a local metal band, I got invites for NLNW to join all sorts of fun band’s practices. One humor-filled email stood out. God Fearing Women invited me to crash their studio time as they worked on a new album. I couldn’t refuse that! The local reggae/rock/roots band is composed of Dana Griffith on Guitar and Vocals, Neil Batterson on Drums, Percussion and Vocals, and Bob Vignali on Bass. Their feel-good musical vibes are a summertime essential out at The Raven in Bigfork. GFW plays this Friday, with Jameson and the Sordid Seeds at The Craggy Range.Monday evening, I met GFW at Snoring Hound Studio. Not only was it my first time in a professional studio, but I had no idea the Valley even had one! Snoring Hound Studios, located South of Kalispell, is owned and operated by Dave Griffith.”