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“Click on the link in the Status just above here to hear an awesome interview by Pastor John E. Coleman called "the Power of Love" featuring Omar "O.P.S." Ficklin of GFS!!!”

Pastor John E. Coleman - Into the Word Ministries

“Check out this interview by Pastor John E. Coleman called "the Power of Love" featuring Omar "O.P.S." Ficklin of GFS!!!”

“I'm gonna try and make it on the 26th...GFS is amazing!”

Jacqueline June LeGrande - Facebook

“This song is truly amazing...I can't stop playing it! Pray, Pray, Pray by GFS”

Debbie Anaya - Comment on Facebook

“Praise the Lord brother, I am very proud of you man. I loved listening to you and your group today. The music is good and the message is clear and on point. Tell the guys I am praying that the success you guys are going to have will never be bigger in your eyes nor in your heart than the the living God. Whatever you guys do, don't bend or compromise the Word of God in any way whatsoever. Got It! I can not wait to get my CD in the mail either! It just warmed my heart to hear you on the phone and to see you moving forward in Christ Jesus. Never get weary in well doing. And remember Isa. 40:31. ”

Pastor Daren L. Banks - Relationships In Christ

“GFS-Life Music If you're like us, you've been mourning the fact that DC Talk is no longer creating new music for about ten or eleven years now. Fortunately for us there's GFS. They blend the harmonies of R&B and soul and skillful raps, throwing in catchy hooks. GFS' new album, Life Music, boasts a kind of energy that makes even the most reserved person move. Songs like "Tired of Myself" provide encouraging messages that change can happen in Christ while enrapturing the listener with the fun vocals and upbeat rhythms. The story behind GFS is just as moving as their music. They've been through rough times, and one of them spent over a decade in prison, but once they turned to Christ they became true witnesses to the power God has to transform lives, and they're eager to share that. Absolutely do not miss out on the fun and uplifting music of Good and Faithful Servants. You will thank yourself when you're having a bad day and need that go-to CD that always makes you feel better! ”

Variance Magazine

“Yes!! thats it!! Sound doctrine!! God bless you brothers and your ministry!!! xxXkIdOffIcIaLXxx 1 month ago comment on song "Resurrection" in June 2011”

“Loved it!! Great message. this is how Christian rap should be done. God bless! sblazen 6 months ago comment on song "Circles" in Jan. 2011”