Get Got / Press

“Ladies and gentleman, we have ourselves a winner! We’ve known Get Got since they were first testing the waters in the back of Cafe Coco, back when Coco was still doing weekend hip-hop shows. We’ve seen them a bunch and we knew they were busy making a record, but still this one took us by surprise. Veering between instrumental hip-hop, nu-jazz, jungle and funk, Get Got’s self-titled debut is all fuzz bass, breakbeats and tight-as-hell turntablism, a combination that fills a gigantic motherfucking gaping hole in our fair city’s musical landscape. Recorded at local sound-shack Welcome to 1979, Get Got’s album has a big huge sound with the drums that bludgeons your noggin and bass that will shake dinner right out of you. If we may quote the Internet: It’s an “epic fucking win.” — Sean L. Maloney”

Sean L. Maloney - Nashville Scene

“Get Got is a feel good, danceable three piece band with a big sound”