Geron Hoy / Press

"[Geron Hoy's] debut is focused on songwriting, guitar parts, earnest vocals and capturing moods… Singer/ songwriters struggle to stick out. His songs are deeper than most."

"[T]his artist is QUITE good. [He] reminds me of a hybrid between Tom Petty and Amos Lee, and that’s not a combination I would ever turn down."

"[Geron] inspires me because...of the passion he shows for his music both on and off the stage. it definitely comes across when he performs, leaving you with the feeling that you just witnessed something very special."

"What sets Geron apart from other musicians...is that he does not do it for money, fame or fortune. He does it because he has to. That’s all there is to it...His passion for music bleeds through his guitar and you hear it in his voice."