Gerard Fragamino / Press

"Gerard’s music strikes a haunting chord inside ears with his beautifully honest and personal lyrics that so many of us can instantly find ourselves relating to. His often poppy and well placed melodies are sure to move both heads and feet alike. Experienced in a variety of musical genres and having traveled the country between east and west, he is able to connect quickly to his audience. Run Away is an absolute catchy tune that deserves to be heard by the masses and will surely find its listeners staying for more."

“I'll take a Mocha Fragamino Latte please with some non-fat folk and a dash of punk rock, please?”

Jason Hawkins - fellow artist post on FaceBook

“Where's the publisher? ”

Dominic Fragman - DawFragman

“Good tunes, feels good. I really like the songs from a songwriting standpoint. Even where i feel like things could be different with arrangement and such, your songs feel so real it's so easy to look past that other stuff. ”

Dominic Fragman - DawFragman

“Run Away: GREAT SONG.. I like the way your voice comes off with the doubled non-harmony vocals. makes my hair stand up. ”

Dominic Fragman - DawFragman

“Fragamino was given Honorable Mention in the West Coast Songwriters Association Newsletter on May 1st for his song "The Promise", wich he competed in the WCS 2010 INTERNATIONAL songwriter competition.Check out the Newsletter on page 4 in the rock category.”