Gerald Goode / Press

“On recording 'SuperDry' : "I really want to stay true to what I'm feeling in the moment. Vocally, I've definitely have grown more into my voice since recording 'For Those Who Have' because I've had voice lessons. I want it to be a lot cleaner and simpler. I think it might be more electronic based. I'll still probably will keep up with more orchestral sounds in the background, but I want to keep my beats more electronic. It's going to be more beat driven. I felt like everything was literal on my first album. I think my lyric writing has also become more vague and I realized after listening to other people's music, I don't have to be so literal and everything doesn't have to make perfect sense. I do want to take it into a more poetic territory lyrically."”

"...an expertly produced, truly self-styled hybrid of soul, pop, rock and electronica ...covering the whole range of human emotions. Gerald goode delivers an impressive solo debut."

Jed Ryan - PM Entertainment

"Imaginative...[Gerald's] musical ideas remind me very much of Madonna's "Ray Of Light" album. He sings in a solid tenor, and accentuates guitar-infused electronica with his own brooding piano. Lyrically, Goode writes in a straightforward way..."

"Gerald Goode is of small stature, but don’t let that fool you. Goode is a hot polished professional who belts it out with boundless energy. He commands the stage."

"As Bob Marley is to July, Gerald Goode is to November...He is obviously talented. Everything here is tight and he has a great voice."