Georgina Taylor / Press

"I love the shamanic qualities of the beats and bass in "hunting the fox", it's there in "I'm Content" and throughout these tunes..listening to you is like being pursued by Peter Gabriel, Bat 4 Lashes and Kate Bush into a fairytale forest populated by characters from a Guillermo DelToro film. Just absolutely love the drama and intention..and the way each song is a painting of a character and a story. Very accesible and very achievable. The demos are awesome btw..i wish we could get our demos to sound so fully realised!!"

MikeWhitePresents UK

“Excellent refreshing song, the perfect "hit of the summer"! The typical kind of music where Georgina can express her unique vocal abilities with a lot of fun : she's also performing all the background vocals. High-quality production by the great Preston Heyman!”

“Wow...Just had a really really good listen tonight...GREEN with envy!!!”

Kyla Clay Fox

“You have a refreshing sound. Bit quirky, hypnotic and with tasty melodies on top. Love your 'Hunting the Fox'.”

Das Konighaus- Dusseldorf

“So yeah! I gotta say! YOU ROCK! and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE "Hunting The Fox" "Im Content". And how raw "WE will not be blind" is.”

The Jeffrey James

"Nice to meet you, love your songs. Hope to see you soon on billboard charts. You are #1"

Hasan Shirazi, Pakistan

"Wow! Great voice and a very beautiful look = fame"

Sean Aust, USA

"I am digging your creative, unique and fresh tracks. What a giant musical talent you are!"

Bobbie Walker, Jazz vocalist, Canada