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“Georgie Vale: She is ever growing in popularity, a regular face about the Bath music scene, and rightly so as she smiles through her sets with light-hearted and warm songwriting.”

“An instant lift to the night, her upbeat songwriting and soft, folky voice definitely left their mark as the whole crowd was left singing the last track under their breath as they downed their cider dregs. Even a man who looks like Roy Keane after a lobotomy asking her to marry him doesn’t dissuade her confidence, definitely one to keep an eye on. http://www.facebook.com/georgievalemusic”

“Georgie Vale is one of the most professional captivating singer songwriters around. A flawless starlet quality voice is met with a modern approach to folk style guitar playing. It's almost as if David Bowie and Joni Mitchell have been working tirelessly away in secret for years with Georgie but the reality is, it is all her own believable songs and beautifully crafted talent.”

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"Hosted by the stunning Gaby Roslin, the evening included speeches from patrons and friends, an auction, which saw a never-before-seen photograph of Princess Diana and her son Harry raise £12,000, a delicious dinner, dancing and – perhaps my favourite part of the evening – a superb musical performance by 19-year-old singer/songwriter Georgie Vale. .. If last night’s performance was anything to go by – I saw more than one spectator dabbing away tears with their napkin! – it won’t be very long before her hauntingly beautiful songs are being played by radio stations across the country. But if you can’t wait that long, make sure you head over to her YouTube channel to sample her songs."

Charlie Lankston, Blogger. - Review of the Fantasy Ball event at One, Mayfair in London.

"If you are looking for singer/songwriters, look no further than Georgie Vale who was brought to the attention of BBC Wiltshire Introducing by The Roundabouts, and definitely has a massive future ahead of her if she fills the potential she is currently showing."

"Georgie Vale is a supremely talented singer songwriter who, despite some intense adversity, has grown and developed into an exquisite lyricist and luthier of gorgeous catchy melodies. This young performer has played many gigs, the highlight of which (thus far) saw the red headed troubadour taking to the stage at glastonbury to perform a fantastic set that was acclaimed by Wiltshire BBC radio. Vale’s lyrics combine a masterful grasp of poetry, a street wise tongue and the heart of a dreamer to leave the beholder in rapture. Her lyrics are personal yet SO easy to relate to."

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"There is a feeling of sanguine simplicity about Georgie Vale’s music, but beneath this hopeful exterior there’s a more sensitive side, showing some intelligence and charm."

"Georgie is a talented singer and recently joined a host of other BA1 Records acts at a charity busking event at Bath's Southgate Centre, when students raised an impressive £300 for Cancer Research. Max Weedon, Music Coordinator at City of Bath College, said: "Not only is Georgie a very talented musician she is also a wonderful person and very popular with everyone on her course."

City of Bath College - BA1 Records show support for Georgie

"The line up includes Gabrielle Aplin; Tallis Morris; Largo Embargo; Shauna Hutchinson; Laura Doggett and Georgie Vale."

"Singer Georgie Vale from Warminster hopes to raise money for charity via a music tour"...