Georgia Roworth / Press

“Georgia Roworth makes me smile a lot. Wonderful songwriter and vocalist from across the pond. She is creative, inspirational and just unique enough to really make a big splash. I love her music.”

Doug Dickins' Independant Showcase

“Georgia Roworth isn't into frothy teenage fantasies. Her lyrics describe what it's truly like to be a teenager - the self doubt, disappointment, strength and defiance that accompany growing up. With a voice that calls to mind Natasha Bedingfield and a Demi Lovato feistiness, Georgia's music is all about being real. "Punchline," which has the most sophisticated production, maintains its solid lyricism while offering up a commercial Beatlesque guitar hook and a catchy beat. "Belief - Acoustic" has a spare arrangement that mirrors its message and is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne's more somber, heartfelt tunes. In "Belief," Georgia's chorus of "I'm not asking for much, I'm just wanting a little belief" handily captures what it's like to feel alone in a relationship. My favorite song is "Maybe," which has an early Colbie Caillat feel to it and catches you up with its lovely melody, honest lyrics, and its hopeful plea for sunnier days. Stay golden, Georgia.”

TIW Music Review

“You have a great sound, and your songs' lyrics are outstanding -- reminds me of Avril Lavigne when she started out :-)”

TIW Music - Reverbnation

“This composition is really good and your vocals really standout. As a music producer I critic a lot of music daily and nothing comes close to your song, this is really well done, your music would sale very easily here in Nashville!”

Nashville Producer, YouTube

“Nice and emotional voice, with good lyric writing. I like the full band sounds. Keep writing! The best is yet to come.”

Credence Found, Soundcloud

“Very skilful writing happening here..loving that lyric for "belief" and the rockin tight sound of "maybe" shows a real skill for delivering a punchy, catchy hook.”

MikeWhitePresents, Reverbnation