George Stathakes / Press

“George Stathakes blends dark folk visions with a Louisiana bite on Drawings in the Dust, while his backing band shoot for the “sweet spot” common in folk songs (ex. Dylan and Cash). A ghostly solo acoustic guitar piece, “Silver Dagger,” kicks things off to a great start, leaving listeners to wonder what could follow such a fragile vignette. All punches are pulled until the title track saves the albums flow with its New Orleans-style jazz swagger. From here on, Stathakes’ menacing, cynical style takes full reign while the backing Creole accompaniment adds spice. At its best, Drawings in the Dust is a well executed folk confessional that pushes its pallet with more experimental sounds.Moments of greatness are achieved, but too often Drawings in the Dust borrows mainly from the sound of its influences (listed on his website as Bowie, Waits, and Dylan) while only paying lip services to their underlying concepts and musicality. ”

“I am out of my element and I have no frame of reference. In spite of this, George Stathakes debut Drawings In Dust has managed to grab my somewhat philistine attention and retain it throughout multiple listens.”

“We then follow up with a few quick hits from this week's news and cap it all off with a skype interview featuring INK Records founder Peter Garea. While you were grilling, we were in a basement podcasting. Happy belated Labor Day listeners.”

“Our inaugural podcast finds us sitting down with Peter Garea and George Stathakes to discuss Peter's new label INK Records and George's first foray as a solo artist...”