George Shaw / Press

“Audiences are moved by my closing monologue in LIL TOKYO REPORTER. Thanks, but I credit George Shaw's music.”

Chris Tashima (Oscar-Winning Director)

"One of Shaw's strengths...is his ability to compose music with emotional depth"

"Shaw definitely has a strong voice of his own and he’s a very promising composer that we will most certainly hear from again."

"One of the best segments of music I have heard in all of 2008. If you're interested in hearing music that is original and fresh, then look no further than George Shaw...to catch a glimpse at the future of film music with this young composer's work."

"A certain sound and level of talent a step above many young composers...If you like to hear themes then a George Shaw soundtrack is one to listen to over and over and over!"

"George Shaw’s work is simply beautiful and exciting...One aspect of the album's entertaining value is how melodic the action pieces are."

"Shaw's music seems to transcend the material in both writing and sound quality."

“Marcus...is not just a functional horror score but instead yields real emotion and shows structural brilliance in its final piece. In the tradition of Jerry Goldsmith, it would seem that Shaw may prove adept at elevating the status of poor films through great music.”

"A voice harking back to the Silver Age of film scoring."

"He is an excellent composer...The score sounds like one that was done to a multi million dollar film!"

"George's music is very melodic, which makes it ideal to listen to apart from the film itself."