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“In Geoghegan Jackson’s Parlour in the Sun, the measure of beauty is only surpassed by the strength of will that makes the songs soar with the flavour of the 1970s but with the attitude that illusion is no substitute for the real thing. The Parlour in the Sun is a place where the tranquil can feel at peace with the world but it is also a location to which may be shrouded in shadow and it takes courage and hope to put the body out there day in and day out in the hope of catching that exotic moment of bliss. Geoghegan Jackson understand this and through the songs Threads, Cool Morning, Fossil Friend, Catch A Train and the title track, this recording stands out as holding the truth within harmonious hands and revealing with sweet beautiful tones the deceit that can be built up with romantic insinuation and blind love. Parlour in the Sun is an E.P. of great enjoyment, one that soars as it seeks to educate, stirring in its beauty and completely moving, a genuine thrill of musical awareness”

“For those that made the tempting tranquillity of the Kazimier Garden for an afternoon of music hosted by Liverpool Acoustic their goal, the opening slot of the day was one that thrilled and set the tone for all that was to follow. In Geoghegan Jackson, the gravitas of the vocals and the rather splendid acoustic guitar made for an enjoyable start to the Bank Holiday Monday. It can be easy to find yourself slowly being placed under a kind of spell when listening to these two women perform, even more so in the natural acoustic affinity afforded by the Kazimier and as the crowd drew in to take full advantage of the good music on offer, that feeling of being mesmerized was heightened and fulfilled in a very special way. In songs such as Catch a Train, Flesh, Praying Palms, Threads, Secret Shop and the entrancing Flatlands Rising, the vocal brought an inner peace to the soul and the guitar took it a long and dramatic ride that was bountiful and full of resounding imagery.”

“'Parlour in the Sun is a great debut five tracker from local pop/folk duo. Very early 70s Margo Guryan, Susan Christie' Bacharach even!”

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“Threads is an excellent tune on the Parlour in the Sun EP released tomorow”

Dave Limbrick - Liver Radio

“I'm going to play Parlour in the Sun which is a fantastic track and I’m looking forward to seeing Geoghegan Jackson play it live!”