Geoffrey Gordon Composer / Press

““Geoffrey Gordon’s music is consistently impressive, especially in its command of timbral and formal dimensions, and his work speaks with an authentic and substantial musical voice. Echoes of Ferrara (2005) is a three movement piece of about 20 minutes in length for solo recorderist (outer movements for tenor; inner for alto) and harpsichord, inspired by the history of 15th century Ferrara. The particularly rich legacy of music and art of that period is the source material (including extensive musical quotations from Josquin, Ockeghem, and Compere), which Gordon blends into an imaginative fantasy. This is the first work of Gordon’s that I have encountered incorporating historical musical material into its discourse, and these modal/tonal elements are seamlessly combined with Gordon’s own freely atonal harmonic palate…. This piece would make a terrific inclusion at an early music conference or as a general recital offering, particularly in the context of a mixed program.””

“In an era of reflexive Neo-Romanticism and vacuous pop-influences, there are not many young composers today who dare to write uncompromising 12-tone music. Not only does Geoffrey Gordon adhere to a fairly tough and astringent serial style in his Tiger Psalms, but the composer also makes the music sing magnificently. Like Alban Berg, Gordon’s modified serialism brings an individual and communicative style to his tone rows. These three songs for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra, written to poems by Ted Hughes, are bracing and pungent stuff, scored with a striking ear for colors and unusual timbral contrasts and combinations... this is a very impressive and significant world premiere by a composer we should be hearing more from.”

“You just never know what you're going to hear when a new piece is premiered. In the case of Geoffrey Gordon's new trombone concerto, which Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra principal trombonist Megumi Kanda premiered with guest conductor James Gaffigan and the orchestra on Friday evening, listeners got a piece that ought to come with the postscript: 'That, ladies and gentlemen, is what the trombone can do!' ”

Elaine Schmidt - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Geoffrey Gordon’s new concerto for Megumi Kanda, the MSO’s principal trombonist, was a big success at Friday night’s premiere with the Milwaukee Symphony. The charms of this 25-minute piece are abundant ...The first movement jingles, squawks, cries, shimmers, and groans ... The second movement pits jaw-dropping lyrical trombone themes against ringing cluster chords, laced with harp and metal percussion ... and an epic coda blows the doors off the place!”

Tom Strini - Third Coast Digest

“Geoffrey Gordon’s Shock Diamonds, was an endlessly engaging, technically flawless, and a beautifully unique experience ... a wonder to listen to.”

“Inspired by the beauty of science, the mathematically elegant "Shock Diamonds" evoked a metallic, faceted light that jettisoned like a sonic comet across the night sky, shattered into debris then, disintegrated into stillness.”

Erica H. Adams - berkshirefinearts.com

“lux solis aeterna, Gordon's opus for 13 players -- the Latin title means "Eternal Light of the Sun" -- evokes cosmic beauty in a dozen minutes of acutely crafted music. The sun rises in iridescent shimmers and sprays of instrumental color, now quiet and glowing, now fierce and eruptive.”

“Geoffrey Gordon's "Shock Diamonds" ... rapidly shifting textures and vivid orchestral effects.”

Boston Globe

“Utilising the trade-name of his chosen music-paper, Geoffrey Gordon's Bright White Smooth is a finely-integrated assembly of gestures that reflects its inspiration in a three-part 'sonatine' whose sections blend imperceptibly into each other.”

“The stunner ... was Cool RED Cool ... which doled out its jazz in brilliant flashes. Sophisticated, chromatic and cool.”

Peter Dobrin - Philadelphia Inquirer

“... dark, haunting and brooding music ... ideally suited to invoke the imagery of Hammershøi's works. ... a fascinating and mesmerizing journey. ”

Steve Marsh - Classical Guitar

“Lorca Musica per cello solo is the absolute standout ... vigorous ... longing ... remarkable. ”


“... bold dissonances, lovely melodies, and a huge dynamic and tonal range .... ”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Gordon writes wonderfully idiomatic music, while earmarking his scores with an individual voice. ”

The Salt Lake City Tribune

“... elegant, deep intellect ... the best new piece heard here in years. ”

The Shepherd Express