Geoff Barone / Press

“The album has 11 main tracks connected by 9 interludes of voices, music and sound effects. Shades of Ayreon, Alan Parsons Project and Pink Floyd can be heard on different parts of the album coupled with the sounds of a musical making for a very interesting combination. The album flows with each track running into the next making it a non-stop roller coaster ride. The album starts very nicely and grabbed me straight away flowing from the first track into Blue Sky Glory, a catchy and beautiful ballad that once heard will hook you in and I found myself humming it later that day. Next we have To Who Come in Dreams, a track that rocks with a strong chorus with fine electric and bass guitars throughout. Other standout tracks include Are You Still Awake? featuring some lovely guitar playing reminding me in parts of Pink Floyd and Ember Road, another catchy tune with clever and effective vocals that really work”

“The fact that it’s a bonafide concept album, with a structured narrative, only adds to the illusion, and fortunately Barone has more than enough talent to match his musical ambitions. Though very much a rock album, he incorporates a range of sounds and styles to tell the tale of a nameless, troubled teen and his journey through high school.”