Geoff Baker / Press

“Great young US singer-songwriter”

Annie Windley - Time Out (London)

“Geoff is a presence when he's on stage; he towers over the microphone, and his tunes demand attention. What do you get from a Geoff Baker song? You get lyrics that are sneakily poignant, with a clever streak -- sentiments of love and loss that stay with you, and stray far away from cliché. You get absolutely sublime finger-picked guitar parts. You get his full baritone, at times plaintive, at other times playful.”

“Arresting images...Baker promises much and here delivers it.”

“Baker's music could best be described as folk, but a generic genre description falls short of conveying the music's stylistic nuances...Baker steers away from the sappy, melodramatic shores that many musicians find themselves marooned upon. Instead, he recalls beautifully detailed accounts of past experiences. Funny, haunting and uplifting, the songs convey a sense of loss and the ghostly regret of sacrificing love and location for a life of constant moving.”