Gentleman Savage / Press

“Kasnas City's Gentleman Savage finds rewarding new wrinkles in the familiar power pop associated with the Zombies and Big Star.”

"Gentleman Savage's hazy guitar waves and well-executed vocal harmonies came off a little like the Beatles meets the Beach Boys."

“Gentleman Savage has only recently been making waves in the Kansas City music scene, but has already made an indelible impression. The... group’s psych-pop sensibility appeals to wide audiences with its tightly composed hooks while channeling pop greats like The Beach Boys, The Zombies, and Big Star”

“Kansas City's Gentleman Savage evokes the the hazy pop of the 1970's...”

“... Its really, REALLY good.”

“Gentleman Savage recently released its debut EP... a solid effort ... with jangling guitars... [and] crisp, echoing three-part harmonies bursting with a British Invasion flair.”

“[Gentleman Savage] has taken the lesson plan written by The Beach Boys - melodic arrangements, catchy hooks, killer vocal harmonies - and followed it to perfection.”

Michael Byars - NPR Music Coordinator KCUR 89.3

“'Overlord': With [it's] fuzzy jangle and druggy-high harmonies, it's a dead ringer for something off Rubber Soul or Revolver... ”

"Open Eyes" sounds like The Animals drunkenly stumbling their way onto Oasis’s tour bus...

“Gentleman Savage create those infectious yet dense pop gems that recall the likes of Jellyfish and XTC while adding a good dose of today's indie rock.”

Steve Tulipana - The Recordbar

“Gentleman Savage... [are] a dynamic and powerful melting pot of old and new.”

“Gentleman Savage will have your ponytail swinging and swaying with their thick harmonies, and sharp hooks.”