Genre Zero / Press

"They've got this funky combination of lighter alt-rock with some classical instrumentation that sounds like it should have come out of of the mid-'90s—very low-key and very DIY. Their debut album... sounds pretty damned good."

"Their full-length debut...'Get Dressed, Do Nothing' gives us a soundtrack reflective of the dark materials within Isbell’s heart. Sonically, an album highlight is found in “21st Century,” where all four players are given center stage. The bass line of a classic rock ditty collides splendidly with the Brough’s violin, hearkening something of a Vampire Weekend song gone back in time. And...of belonging to the “zero” genre? Isbell sees no need to figure things out, really. “In our fantasy... we would have the protozaic ooze, or whatever, and we could turn it into [any kind of music].” Another inspired prosaic moment, no doubt, and his bandmates take it in with a smile."

"Genre Zero should teach a class on product distribution—almost half the audience was wearing their T-shirt. This is reiterated further in my purchase of their 7”, which features a neat little dub tuning when you turn your receiver to mono and switch the acoustics off, thanks to Producer Noah Gabbard. It was the band’s CD release party, and devoted followers were there in abundance. Genre Zero plays folk infused alt-punk rock with splashes of pop to keep it interesting. Their sound is epic in nature...one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard in some time. Genre Zero’s eclectic performance is thanks to its band members; the five-some all have various musical and regional backgrounds, causing a creative orgasm to take place when they play with their accompanied song producing gadgets."

"The dual male vocals (one low and steady, the other emotional and cracking) of the chorus work well and in opposition. Both sides of this split 7” sound busy...as much as the lo-fi lover in me hates saying it, it could use more production. But the songs intrigue me enough to look past that."

"The V-Day Club at Westminster College teamed up with...several local performers to put on the “Until The Violence Stops” concert...part of a larger recognition of April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The proceeds from the event, which also featured a silent auction, were donated to the Rape Recovery Center. Genre Zero took the stage at the event, which had various sponsors that included [Genre Zero's parent label] Empty Set Records."

"The combination of the heavy beat, prominent violin and Isbell’s seemingly uncontrollable bouncing around inspires the audience’s knees to jerk...they always put on a thoroughly enjoyable show."

"...Genre Zero usher a style of power alt-rock that I wish was more common in today’s local scene. With their recently released EP, vocalist Joshua Isbell wails in a John Darnielle–esque fashion to an upbeat, percussive tempo and rolling violin textures. The lyrics (which read like Beat poetry when on paper) consist of bittersweet ballads of lost affection...Regardless of whatever genre they’re branding themselves, their songs are catchy and effective."