Geno Samero / Press

“With the sheer power of Live and the lyricism of later Nirvana combined with a slight Judybats twang, theDiligents mix their original music sets with restyled covers of everything from Stones tunes to local faves like Third Eye Blind.”

Joseph Hayes - Digital Citry Orlando

“Geno's full of original songs that would make Paul Westerberg simply pea-green with envy. Live shows at Frank's Front Row and Beaches prove Playground Affair is a right tight, snappy little disc, chock full of revved-up-pop-storytelling tunes!”

Melanie Campbell - BackStage Pass

"An All American Rock & Roll Band; Timeless, Energetic, and Unforgettable! You'll never see the same performance twice, so see them often!

John Terry - The Orlando Sentinel

“A band like theDiligents, is just one of those natural evolutionary phenomena type of things that occurs in the music industry from time to time (thank God).”

Nathanial Dolan - Central Florida InnerSource

“Geno’s goal in life was to impact the lives of others, that’s when he returned to his music. He decided that his life wouldn’t be fulfilled unless he was impacting people, and the best way for him to reach that goal was through performing.”

Melissa Epperson - College Publication