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“One of my favorite Tampa artists and labels to work with, it’s always a pleasure #Salute to Geno and Flohio”

“Eugene "Genolexis" Alexis is a Tampa-by-way-of-Brooklyn hip hop artist whose cadence and phrasing are Tupac evocative, as is his manner of stretching out words and gliding through verses, but the similarities end there. Genolexis steers clear of dark subject matter and antagonism, and instead, keeps it candid with a posi-vibing attitude reflected in songs like “Lifespan of a Hero” featuring C-Rena Bumsquad and “Built Like That” with Reese, which find him waxing poetic on staying up, respecting each other and standing together instead of coming to blows, being a real gentleman, and appreciating life with R&B melodic sing-song refrains, while in “Dying Breed,” Genolexis delivers on the customary self-assured swag without feeling like he’s banging his chest with bravado (“I hear what they say, no you shouldn’t say that, don’t matter ‘cause as far as I see, I’m the last of a dying breed”). All three tracks off third album Living the Dream will likely be performed ”

"A letter about Genolexis, Geno came to stand in for a fellow artist at my music festival in April. I have listened to rap/hip-hop since songs like "Roxanne Roxanne", "Da Show", "Paid in Full", back in the da day when Dre wanted to "Turn off the light" with World Class Wreckin Krew. Geno came to the show ready to flow. It wasn't like the self indulgent, krunk, thug, look at my Bentley stuff that fills the airwaves today. It was was like poetry about life, positive, handling business vibe, with a soulful voice. Confidence without arrogance, this man knows what he is doing and will become the voice of next hip/hop generation. Tim Goodrich-Sound Czech Studios "

Tim Goodrich - Sound Czech Studios

"Been writing like crazy thanks to the amazing Genolexis and his inspiration."

Jessica Muneca Cintron - Boot Slap Rap

"LIKE the fan page of Genolexis he's an amazing writer, performer, and overall musician. He's been seen in the Tampa Bay area performing live with many great names, and with him future project T.H.X. dated to release on 11/11/11 at the Underrated Underpaid Artist Showcase this will be a good time for you to connect with him."

Will Ray, Purpinfo.com - Under Rated Under Paid Artist Showcase