Gene Dante and The Future Starlets / Press

"When sex gets drunk, sex calls up Gene Dante. If you maintain eye contact with Gene Dante for longer than 15 seconds, you will become pregnant. Period. If Gene Dante’s erection persists for longer than four hours, that’s called a Tuesday. Gene Dante has been known to sweat entire olives. Gene Dante doesn’t apply eyeshadow to his eyes—he applies eyes to his shadow. Gene Dante and his band, the Future Starlets, will be onstage at Church, and he will be singing only to you. “M-m-m-me?,” you’ll ask, not willing to believe that such an angelic being could have interest in something so base. “Yes, you,” he’ll respond devilishly, using his sexy telepathy. Selexpathy."

"Gene Dante is becoming one of my favorite performers in town. Whether he’s playing solo, doing Joan Jett covers in leather chaps or rocking out with The Future Starlets, the guy delivers. He’s frickin’ magnetic. I know I’m late to the party on this one. Let me have my moment."

"Leading man Dante is a performer. But more than simply being the amazingly gifted singer for an “adult” variation of a glam cabaret punk rock style band, Dante is also a musician and the primary songwriter. He has no problem picking up a guitar and plucking along with the rest of his mates, believing strongly that lead singers should also be able to play. But it’s Dante’s in-your-face persona on stage that commands attention. From the moment he steps on a stage, Dante reaches into your soul and holds it passionately in his pocket while he and the Starlets gently ram a full set of music down your throat—and you gladly accept it."

"Gene Dante and the Future Starlets will slink and sparkle through glammy gems that are both self-depricating and self-aggrandizing, and frankly, they’ll look damn fine while they do it. Gene’s over the top antics and incredible stage presence would crush other bands, but his Future Starlets stand out by being able to match his insanity note for note with greatness of their own."

“Once you see them perform live, it's impossible not to fall for their razor-sharp, high energy live performances. (So addictively catchy, and unbelievably well put together...!)”

“Well here's my background with Gene Dante and the Future Startlets in three easy steps: I went from not knowing a thing about the carousing Boston band to being ever-so-slightly turned off by their flamboyant rock stylings -- to being an over the top raving lunatic fan. ...”

"That Gene Dante is certainly a bit of a renaissance man. Getting his start as an actor (he has appeared in productions of Rocky Horror, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Beauty and the Beast), Dante is also a songwriter and singer, as evidenced by his 2009 release, Romantic Lead, credited to Gene Dante & the Future Starlets. Despite his theatrical background, Romantic Lead is not exactly as bombastic as say, early Queen. Musically, the guitars sound Strokes-like at times ("Purity of Intent," "Photosynthetic"), and while song titles like "Brian, My Darling" would suggest Bowie-isms, Dante's voice sounds comparable at times to Queensrÿche's Geoff Tate (without all the unbearable opera singer on steroids shrieking), especially on the album opening "A Madness to His Method." With Romantic Lead, Gene Dante may have come up with a new style: streamlined theatrical rock."

"The Romantic Lead is a fabulous concoction of glam rock and bare-faced sexuality. It combines Dante's previous theatric roles in Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Beauty And The Beast and the touring Rocky Horror Picture Show with an abundant appreciation for David Bowie. The result is an abrasive, guitar-driven record that's impossible not to love. The Romantic Lead plays out like the rock operas for which Dante has become known. "A Madness To His Method" is the introductory scene in this 11-act journey, "C Star" is the heavy, sweaty, not-safe-for-work sex scene, and "The Dreamers" is the love scene — or perhaps the heartbreak scene, depending on your interpretation. Like Dante's theatre roles, this record is for the unconventional. Its originality and calibre of talent is beyond admirable, but intended for those with an open mind. If you like it bold and if you love your rock with a dose of opera, then Dante is your new hero."