Gemstar / Press

“Gemstar hones meaningful lyrics which easily hit close to home capturing and encouraging audiences to draw closer and lend their ears. With opportunities introducing themselves, Gemstar could be embracing a solid future.”

“Quote Album review L.O.L "Lessons of Life": this album is simply QUALITY! The range of music and mixture of sounds and style make this album one of the regular rotation. Some HEAT TRACKS to keep an ear out for are “Sent to Me” which has a GREAT MIX and separation of sounds. “Antidote” which features Kensta Lopez is also a great listen as well, with its “FEED YOUR MIND” lyrics. “Call Me” is a great track for the women, and while the guitar is a slight bit grunged out for this feel, it’s not too heavy to still enjoy this track. ”

“The collision of these two worlds will be an amazing transition for local hip hop. Marpo as the headliner, along with Hard Target, Gemstar, Kensta Lopez will be performing the most fan demanded tracks, along with new hot collaborations, blending their flow, style and swagger to deliver one amazing show. The exposure to this combination of talent will go beyond language barriers and allow the music to deliver a unique message to avid listeners.”

“Gemstar, "Make Money," on the 21-track album, "Streetz Gon Burn," released Dec. '06 brings an independent sound from the underground on top with on-fire lyrics. This song has had various online radio play.”