G. Edwin Craig / Press

“These scores are absolutely wonderful! Each melody describes a different scene and feeling! Great! I look forward to working with you!”

Iaboi Pictures - Reverbnation

"Highland Dreams" brilliant guitar riffs and arrangement G. Edwin. Especially fan of Celtic flavor!

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

"Love and War has a majestic sound to it yet is soft and tender, too. Bravo on a beautiful song!"

Bill Wren and Frank Ralls Music - Reverbnation

“..full of light and shade and anticipation and so much beauty along with so much strength..Loved it..you blow me away.”

Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“Absolutely lovely tracks, memorable for their professional arrangement and instrumentation. A sense of happiness pervades...simply lifts my spirits. Such talent and such energy. I'm particularly fond of Medieval No. 9. Wonderful.”

Salariatus - Reverbnation

"...very scottish sound almost celtic, nice feel,, says roaming hills and country side , beside the sea."

Kurdaitcha - Reverbnation

"I enjoyed listening to Medieval No. 9. It is truly a beautiful composition....I certainly can imagine this as a soundtrack piece."

Pat Branch - Reverbnation