Gavyn Bailey / Press

“Fourteen-year-old Gavyn Bailey is a rising star who’s taking his pain and channeling it into music.”

“This young lad – he’s all of 14 – is already jumping into the melting pot of live performance and is at his best when hitting the clean, high notes of Ingrid Michaelson.”

“When you're able to make preteen girls go crazy with summery guitar pop like South County crooner Gavyn Bailey, it's easy to lose control and accidentally create the fourth Jonas brother.”

“That boy on your teen daughters radio is NOT Justin Beiber, It’s “Gavyn Bailey””

“Gavyn is not a fabricated product. He has a story that inspires his music.”

“When one hears Gavyn Bailey's voice, it's hard to believe that the 13-year-old from Laguna Niguel doesn't have a recording contract.”