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“Gavlyn & Oh Blimey stopped by “Low Cali Hip-Hop” at Venice beach. Join LCHH host, Destruct, as he talks with Gavlyn & Oh Blimey over the biggest misconceptions they get as rappers. These talented rappers prove people wrong with their killer performance at the end!”

“Colt 45 Commercial Narrowed by Snoop Dogg, with Lil Debbie, GAVLYN and Friends”

“B-Real interviews Gavlyn on the Dr. Greenthumb Show”

“Get to know new rap star Gavlyn as she gives MTV her beginner’s guide to hip-hop”

“Snoop Dopp invited Gavlyn to his Show on GGN in L.A.! Big UP!!”

“GAVLYN Interview in London at the New Era Headquaters”

“GAVLYN & DJ Mike Steez Interview for VLOG in Switzerland!”

“Interview in Switzerland with Gavlyn 2014 Presented by www.mikesteez-ent.com”

“We’re gonna spend Advent asking people we like what they want for Christmas, and we like Gavlyn. Gavlyn’s awesome. The 23-year-old LA rapper made her debut UK appearance last month at the New Era store, and will be bringing her third album Modest Confidence out in January. Her video for What I Do sent YouTube inside-out last year, and her newest one Guilty Pleasure is no less awesome – check her YouTube channel out here. Also, follow her on Twitter, she’s awesome and talks about farts a lot.”

“We caught up with Gavlyn at the New Era Store for an exclusive interview with Shay D.”

“Great interview with GAVLYN in Poland on RBL TV end's with presenting her new Album!”

“GAVLYN Shopping in Paris Docu of Citadium Store.... see what she likes!! www.mikesteez-ent.com”

“Still expanding on a new and mature sound, she continues to bring her listeners along with her as she continues to spark interest within the Hip Hop scene. Keep your eyes on Gavlyn.”

“GAVLYN Live Performance and Interview at JOIZ.TV in Switzerland”

“Straight from the West Coast IGN presents the young and talented Gavlyn and the start of her journey and why She Got Next!”

“Making Of K1X Photo Shooting in Berlin January 2013 Docu”

“Short report of Gavlyn's concert in Montreux Switzerland. The concert took place at the NED Music Club for the Ladies HIP-HOP night.”

“K1X Clothing Spotted GAVLYN”

“Gavlyn Showcase at Flow Zirkus Halle Germany was an awesome night! www.mikesteez-ent.com”

“We recently met Poetic Death and Gavlyn from the Organized Threat crew when they visited Berlin this summer during their tour through Europe. We had quite a long relaxing sit down and asked tons of questions as well as joining them to their Show at Bohannon where we also met fellow OGT member Yarah Bravo as well as many others.”

“Gavlyn Interviewed for Adidas News for Original Girls in January 2013 Germany www.mikesteez-ent.com”

“Backspin Interview with Gavlyn & Poetic Death in Germany on their first European Tour! www.mikesteez-ent.com”