Gas House Gorillas / Press

“SHUT UP! (STOOPID BRUTE) Bam! Hits you right between the eyes, this one. I mean a proper, full-on swinging punch of an opener in ‘Cookin’ With Gas’, with its doo-wop kiss-me-quick harmonies, full-fat horn section, whammy-bar lead guitar, thumping, jumping, finger-clicking double bass, and a roaring vocal that croons and yells and hollers like it’s standing on the table, your table, in a sleazy bar in a sleazy East Coast town (and I don’t mean Hull).”

“SHUT UP (Stoopid Brute Records) There’s is an interesting sound, as at heart they’re a jump blues band. But one that has a lot of aggression to it, and a rough and ready approach, which might put some people off. But there is a vim and vigor which wins you over on tunes like ‘Party on the Second Floor’ and ‘The Things That Swings’. It’s a mix of jump blues, rock and roll, and even a pop punk edge, which I would imagine rocks the house when they take to the stage. But even from the comfort of my rocking chair, they managed to raise a smile.”

“Rick Fink and co. have always succeeded at translating their boundless live-show exuberance to studio waxings. So the hand-clapping/foot-stomping audio acrobatics here come as no surprise (though they are wonderfully welcome). The band's inimitable, punk-fuelled swingin'-for-the-bleachers jump-blues/jazzy/billy rages grinningly. As someone once said, "You gotta get hot, to play real cool!" Solid, Jackson.”

“The Gas House Gorillas' need to involve the audience in their music is nearly primal.”

“It was a punked-up and energized controlled catastrophe in the sprit of Louis Jordan wielding a chainsaw.”

“Whereas the Blues Jumpers were traditional and amazingly period correct, the Gorillas' immediate mission was to ruffle feathers, twist panties, and get in faces. The band tweaked the music with speed, volume, and onstage mayhem. They put some punk-rock gas in the jump-blues punch.”

“The bands confidence to show a more frivolous side is also demonstrated by the inclusion of a cover of the Cheap Trick classic " I Want You To Want Me". They importantly add their own style to the song, which has a more urgent and less polished sound than the original. This stripped down approach actually perfectly demonstrated how great a pop gem the song is.”

"If Cab Calloway, Freddy Mercury, Illinois Jacquet and Johnny Ramone started a garage band, it might sound something like the Gas House Gorillas."

“There is little divide between the stage and the crowd when The Gas House Gorillas perform, and the Riverside Amphitheatre proved to be a fun playground for the group. ”

“It was so crowded that lead vocalist Rick Fink had some difficulty finding a spot on the balcony from which to hang. Yes, the Gorillas still feel that “all the (Grill’s) a stage.””

“ These guys are the real deal and tremendous! People are still talking about the performance at the Bucks County BBQ! ”

Bob Settelen - Bucks County Blues Festival (Bucks County, PA)

“The CD kicks off with Wynonie Harris’s “All She Wants To do Is Rock,” and it is sung just as suggestively as the hucklebucking original. Saxophone leading the way, balls out vocals, background vocal accents, mid song solos by sax and smoking guitar, bass popping, drums kicking – simply put it is Rock and Roll heaven.”

James “Skyy Dobro” Walker - Blues Blast Magazine

“These guys swing...and they swing hard. Easy on the eyes, these guys bring a carnal romance back to swingin rock and roll! A true divine intervention of musicians, it's been a long time since anyone has felt anything as good as this! This is the most talented & entertaining band I have ever had the pleasure of hosting!”

Andrew McNeill & Rebecca England (Managers) - Rockabilly Sundays (Lansdale, PA)

“This primo jump blues band has it all: an amazing rhythm section, awesome sax playing, fabulous guitar, a killer frontman, and fantastic songs. And more than all that, these guys have the ability to cross over from jump blues to swing to rock and back again, often within the same track”

“Just as I predicted, the boys came to play and completely turned the joint inside out! People are still talking about 2 months later. It's like the radioactive fallout after a nuclear explosion! ”

Michael Jankovec (President) - Boundary Waters Blues Festival (Ely, MN)

“the 900-pound gorilla in the room that needs addressing is the fact that Rick Fink and company tend to put on a better show than many more famous acts that regularly pack the prosceniums of theatres and stadia (which probably keeps them from scoring opening gigs for said acts).”

“The Gorillas played into the late evening to a shoulder to shoulder, upstairs and downstairs, flowing-out-the-door crowd. After the last few songs were played (Crusher was by that time shirtless), the upstairs crowd and the downstairs crowd joined the flowing-out-the-door crowd to form a mass of excitedly animated and rejuvenated, pre-home sidewalk conversations. The Gas House Gorillas’ musical and theatrical forget-yourself attitude had rekindled everyone’s love-of-life lamp. My hangover had vanished, and I felt the glow.”

“The band's terrific show just had my jaw dropped to the floor, my body a groovin' and my smile a mile wide! They were Swingin'! Speaking of which, the Chicago chosen are STILL talkin' about that Martyrs show! ”

Di Kulka - (Radio Show Host Full on Fridays with Di WLUW 88.7 FM (Chicago, IL)

“I caught these guys last year at The Red Bank Blues & Jazz Fest, and they were... AMAZING! They took a sedate crowd and brought them to a fever pitch”

“And so the best moments came from Berry's much younger disciples, such as the Gashouse Gorillas, who brought some attitudinal, hard chargin' swing to the Bienville ballroom on Friday night, complete with a fiery sax player who helped catalyze a packed dance floor.”

Jason Bracelin - Las Vegas Review-Journal (Las Vegas, NV)

“...This band recalls the Blasters in its ability to combine loosely related genres (blues, rockabilly, swing) into a red-hot, hard-drinking sound all its own.”

“As well as putting on a fantastic show, The Gas House Gorillas are one of the most professional and easy to deal with bands I have ever know. ”

Tom Ingram (Creator/Owner) - Viva Las Vegas 13

“This is what a popular culture roadmap might sound like. Find the jump-blues freeway, cut down the swing off-ramp, follow the rock'n'roll backroad and keep that radio at top volume, brother, every mile.”

“Get your kaslopis down here and enjoy an evening of entertainment that’s easily worth tenfold the ticket.”

“Combining such styles as jump blues, gypsy swing, classic rock, Cajun dance and early funk, Gorillas' shows have been known to at any moment break into frenzies of vintage maneuvers including the Coaster Step, the Texas Tommy, the Princess Dip and the recent Princess offshoot, The Jumpin' Joe.”

“The Gas House Gorillas deliver a solid performance consistently to my restaurant. Their energy is unsurpassed and all ages have a great time.”

Charles Merla (Owner) - Trinity Lounge (Keyport, NJ)