Gary Shaine / Press

“AWESOME BRO!!!!!!! Love it!!!!”

Scott Miller - fb

“Very awesome my friend!!!”

Rat-Man Iomc - fb

“Love it!! Very catchy! I have a feeling it will be stuck in my head the rest of the day.”

Heather K. - fb

“SWEET! Kinda got the Ty Tabor thing goin on on the Now and Then groove! Awesome!”

Michael G. - fb

“Just listened to Perfect World. LOVE IT!!!!! Nice work man.”

Ty E. - fb

“Hell yeah! Now I can rock out to a new jam. Great job Gary, sounds awesome! Just so ya know, your new song has been stuck in my head for the past few days. Can't wait to hear it live!”

Rick B. - fb

“Nice work Gary - I like the fact that you're 'hook' conscious, and that the song employs dynamics the way it does. Keep up the good work!”

Mike Isenberg - fb

“Very cool bro. Song has a great hook!”

Michael Layne - fb


Tony B - fb

“Sounds great! Congrats!”

Sara F. - fb

“Checked it out all sounds great. Keep up the great work!!!”

Derek D - fb

“Oh Hell Yeah! I'm lovin' it, THANX!”

Rick B. - fb

“Good stuff brother!!!”

Brandon M. - fb