“Schutt performs every instrument on the release himself showing off his versatility and capability to master just about anything that is put before him.”

“Gary proves himself to be a talented, multifaceted composer, arranger and producer”

“Some of the best guitar playing I heard all year. More modern that his earlier stuff, but still melodic and catchy!”

“This guy is such an underrated guitarist, singer and songwriter.”

“BEST OF THE BAY - Best Instrumentalist, Runner-Up, GARY SCHUTT (2010 & 2011)”

Creative Loafing Magazine

“BEST OF THE BAY - Best Local Rock Act - Runner-Up, GARY SCHUTT BAND (2012)”

Creative Loafing Magazine

“Winning band of the HARD ROCK RISING 2012 (global battle of the bands) for Tampa Bay area!”

Hard Rock

“Gary Schutt does everything on his own, even the singing and the production (which is first rate), so this CD is all done by one man and I have to say it sounds excellent for what it is: modern melodic rock with some frantic overtones. Really good and kickin' stuff.”

“Schutt goes for a brilliant and crispy sound with punchy, zingy melodies, sharp taut riffs and some buzzing guitars.”

“Gary Schutt is a freak. xtremely talented.. he can pretty much do anything.... no shit..”

Brian Tichy (drummer for Whitesnake, Foreigner, Billy Idol)

"Gary's an incredible talent on guitar, as well as on keyboards, vocals and bass. His two-handed licks, fast picking, vibrato, and whammy bar techniques bring to mind Vai, Van Halen and George Lynch."


"... GARY SCHUTT has produced one of the strongest, most pro-sounding tapes we've recieved. And he did it all on a 4-track. Schut wrote, performed and produced all of the songs and displayes some very professional chops. A major talent."


"Melody, aggression and compositional vision all meet in the music of GARY SCHUTT. Having the fire is one thing; knowing how to direct and unleash it is quite another. Gary has got it all."


"...Gary is one of the few solo musicians, who plays all the instruments on his tapes, that I enjoy."


"...The amazing thing is that he plays all the instruments and programs all the machines himself. He is talented and this release [Lost In Paradise] is proof positive of that. ...His guitar playing is styled after that of Steve Vai's and is very impressive."


"...To hear Gary's album is not enough. This is one kid that must be heard live."


"...Gary is very good at catchy, attention getting beginnings, and his strongest talent is in his guitar playing. ...GARY SCHUTT is one very creative and talented individual."


"All Gary's songs musically reflect the mood of the particular songs. He obvisously puts alot of energy and thought into his work, I repect that. I hope Gary's next tape lands in my hands again."


"Schutt up and listen! You shred heads are in for a treat. Stirring up the image of Satriani, Vai, Van Halen and George Lynch, GARY SCHUTT, stalks the frettboard with blinding speed, and incredible articulation. His solos are technically amazing and always goind somewhere, making a statement."


“rating: 8/10 I swear I don't know what to make of this guy. He is so talented I get a headache just thinking about it. He's got a fantastic voice. Great power, range and clarity and he does some great stuff with it too. Good harmonies and vocal melodies… His guitar playing is amazing. No matter what style he is playing, he just nails it, like that's what he was born to play. The drum lines are interesting and well thought out, and oddly enough he is most famous as a bass player. Go figure… He also wrote and produced everything. I honestly think he might be schizophrenic. I mean after years of playing covers and backing up other people I believe he has developed a real appreciation for all different types of rock and he just doesn't differentiate between them. It's just all stuff he likes. Coincidentally, when he does it, it's all stuff I like too. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Excruciating Pleasures an 8.”

“Rating: 10/10 WOW, some people are full of surprises! This is shit-hot. "Playhings" is the brand new opus from guitar player Gary SChutt whom you may recall played on the first Takara album. Vocally Gary sounds a cross between Fastway, Jeff Scott Soto, Tommy Heart, Stryper and the lead singer dude from XYZ. "In The Middle" is just superb and features a really great bass solo a'la Billy Sheehan, actually thinking of it, this song is Talas and David Lee Roth's "Eat 'em And Smile" played by one guy!!! Phew!! It's only 2 tracks in and I am having so much FUN with this album. Gary Schutt has released to most incredible album of 1999. Everything you hear is bombastic classic eighties hard rock with not a single filler in sight. This is a dangerous album that gets my vote for top album of the year, yup. It's that good!!!!”


“You don't know him yet, but you should. Gary Schutt is a one-man band. Writing, recording and producing the Playthings himself would have been impressive with just a marginal talent in each area, but he's a great rhythm section and an outstanding lead. Creative drum lines and impressive bass licks back up blistering solos and piercing vocals. His only major credit was as the bassist on the first Takara (Jeff Scott Soto) album, but that was clearly a waste of his talents. Gary is an accomplished songwriter, coming up with unique riffs and melodies filled with emotion and energy. As it turns out, he's a pretty great singer though. His voice is perfect for these songs. There was no reason to get anybody else. All the range and power to pull it off. With nothing to loose and nothing to prove, he comes across more sincere than anyone I've heard in a long time.”

“One of the most appealing aspects of Gary's solo work is his quirky lyrics and twisted outlook on life. So the prospect of an instrumental album had me a little worried, but knowing Gary's talent I should not have been. This is a hugely enjoyable selection of diverse tunes featuring Gary delivering his trademark left of center melodic rock style, albeit this time letting the guitar do the 'talking'. He is truly an underrated guitarist and composer and I hope this album provides some due. Guests such as Neal Schon, Howie Simon and Oz Fox spice things up, but front and center in charge of most instruments; this is Gary's star vehicle. Definitely something fans of instrumental rock should investigate and having an ear for twists and turns is required. A bonus DVD is a good laughSsense of humor definitely needed! 86%”

“Best known as touring bassist/guitarist for Jeff Scott Soto, master multi-instrumentalist Gary Schutt offers up his latest creation ‘Loss 4 Words’. This being Gary’s seventh studio release, he decided to show off his talents on the guitar by writing guitar-based instrumental tunes. This compilation of 17 tracks really shows the extraordinary musicianship of Gary Schutt. Musically the disc is a great listen. It varies through several aspects of rock, hard rock to metal. Nothing really flashy or overbearing as you find with a lot of guitar-based instrumental albums. There is plenty of experimentation through out the disc that really highlights Gary’s influences and writing abilities. ‘Loss 4 Words’ also features some of Gary’s close friends as guest musicians which include Neal Schon (Journey), Oz Fox (Stryper), Bryan Beller (Steve Via, Dethklok), Jim Casey (Hartke’s greatest unsigned bassist) and Jeff Thal (Bumblefoot).”

“pick of the day (excerpt) rating: 8/10 "Playthings" is a true solo project: Gary Schutt wrote and performed all of it himself, which just shows what a fine singer, very strong songwriter, and truly tremendous musician he is. Schutt's instrumental prowess is sometimes absolutly jaw-dropping, but the album's diverse excellence is even more impressive. Without question, "Playthings" is an outstanding melodic hard rock album. It's a snarling, powerful hour of heavy rock, period, and metal fans from all over the map will find something on "Playthings" worth hearing.”