Gary Schoenberger / Press

“The following is from a review of the Rainbows for Kids Gala 2012 in held annually in St. Louis. "Shannon Magrane came out and sang an improv version of “What a Wonderful World” which was great, but it was Barb Tippett’s performance with Yessir bandleader Gary Schoenberger that really brought down the house. Gary, who is still recovering from a serious, life threatening accident he suffered this past summer was there and had a strong voice and sang great. Barb and Gary sang “I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon”– as a tribute to Barb’s daughter Annie who passed away from cancer at age 10. Annie was the niece of Rob Rains and cousin of B.J. and Mike Rains and she is the reason we do Rainbows for Kids. A very poignant moment indeed."”

“Here's a link to a nice article that recently appeared in The Patch online news paper. http://affton.patch.com/articles/retired-affton-teachers-new-music-career-is-a-wild-ride”

"Gary is a songsmith who reminds us that local music should be heard".

Stone Spiral--Dec. 2010

“Gary has a solid grasp on the power of using colorful word-painting in his lyrics. He knows how to support the lyrical content with the feeling evoked by the music. His music has a sincere and personal quality. It seems like he writes about ideas and emotions that really mean something to you.”


“The Ballad of the Ice Cream Man and the Waitress is a touching story, and as noted, the feeling of the music really helps enhance the lyric. This is heartfelt material, with some poignant elements. A very sincere lead vocal here, that hit me. Wow - this lyric, (The Ballad of the Ice Cream Man and the Waitress), is a beautiful story, that truly conveys a story ! Nice work, as you had me anticipating the line by line development.... "The Ballad of ..." really spoke to me as being a beautiful folk song. Totally music to my ears. I also found Standing in the Mud to touch on some universal concepts. ”