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“Zanger, gitarist en liedjesschrijver Gary Roadarmel is afkomstig uit de Amerikaanse formatie Porter Hall Tennessee, die in een periode van tien jaar de albums “Welcome To Porter Hall Tennessee” (2002) en “All Sinners Welcome Here (2007) heeft uitgebracht. Een band met een voorliefde voor rock ‘n roll, honkytonk en altcountrymuziek. Na zijn vertrek uit PHT en een akoestische solo-album onder zijn arm, verliet hij Nashville om in Louisiana de overheersende geur van de drassige moerasgebieden op te snuiven. Ondermeer occasioneel bijgestaan door Vince Wynne, Mark Pavlack en Molly Conley zijn op het album Ecoute (luister), dat hij overwegend zelf heeft ingespeeld de muzikale sporen van Porter Hall Tennessee terug te vinden.”

“Something for everybody! Hillbillies, punks, and plain old music purists. Ecoute is a road-trip, heartbreak, and head-trip soundtrack. Gary of Porter Hall Tennessee fame returns with a vengeance with full band in tow, as Gary Roadarmel and the Parish Commissioners! He builds on the honky-tonk meets punk rock days of PHT, as well as reinvents himself with an infusion of cajun roots and a touch of psychadelic garage rock. I don't always like my food on the plate to get mixed together, but Ecoute does it seamlessly. Gary knows how to bring just the right amount of these elements that you don't even realize it's happened, but know your mind got blown a little bit.There is zero amount of posturing on this album, and a heaping dose of respect for those honky-tonk heroes that came before him. He can channel and personalize George Jones without aping him on Two Steps, Sad Songs, and Roses (a highlight).”

“01. Drag The River – Amazing G (It’s Crazy) 02. Scott H. Biram – Wildside (Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever) 03. Jayke Orvis – Long Way Home (Bless This Mess) 04. Dorado – Second-Hand Stories (Anger Hunger Love & The Fear Of Death) 05. Kent Goolsby – Jesus Is My Landlord (Modern Rhymes Vol. 1) 06. Joey Kneiser – Bruised Ribs (The All-Night Bedroom Revival) 07. Larcenist – American Saint (Eager City, Patient Country) 08. Fifth On The Floor – January In Louisiana (Ashes & Angels) 09. Those Crosstown Rivals – Kentucky Woman (Arliss/TCR Split 7″) 10. Red Collar – American Me (Welcome Home) 11. Shooter Jennings – A Hard Lesson To Learn (The Other Life) 12. Kingsley Flood – Down (Battles) 13. Gary Roadarmel & The Parish Commissioners (La Porte D’en Arriere – Ecoute) 14. The Heavy Horses – Anyone Can Tell (Murder Ballads & Other Tales)”

“La Porte D'en Arriere. #1 in Pennsylvania! BRC Top 20 Week Ending August 10 1. "La Porte D'en Arriere" Gary Roadarmel & the Parish Commissioners 2. "Back In Your Arms Again" The Mavericks 3. "Wine" The Lucky Tomblin Band 4. "Momma's On A Roll" Lee Ann Womack 5. "Jealously Insane" Johnny Bush 6. "Trademark" Carl Smith 7. "Detroit City" Bobby Bare 8. "One More Teardrop" Andy Vaughn and Driveli ne 9. "Lackawanna County Blues" The Saddletones 10. "I'm Barely Hangin On To Me" Johnny Paycheck 11. "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" Hank Williams Sr 12. "Farewell To Carolina" Carl Caldwell 13. "Rose Garden" Lynn Anderson 14. "Got A Feelin For Ya" Kelly Willis 15. "Here Comes Country" Joni Harms 16. "Grandpa's Barn" The Roys 17. "I'm Over You" The Boxcars 18. "Amigo's Guitar" Laura Cantrell 19. "And So It Goes" Don Williams 20. "Just Call Me Lonesome" Radney Foster”

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“There is a palpable sadness to Gary Roadarmel's collection of sparse, solo acoustic performances that touches places usually unexplored except perhaps in some of the lowest points of loneliness in the life of a Johnny Cash or Lowell George-type character. Recorded all on one day, with one microphone, alone in an empty space, the whole album has exactly the effect that Roadarmel likely intends, from the earnestly crafted originals to covers by David Allan Coe, Jerry Chestnut/Mike Hoyer, Roger Miller/George Jones and even a version of former Northamptonite Eddie Holly's "Wastin'." Some of the lighter country covers keep the album from being totally depressing, but in essence this record is pretty much a live performance by one man who seems to be playing his songs to someone he hasn't talked to in a very long time—himself”

“Simple, Sweet, Honest. This recording of Gary Roadarmel alone with just a guitar and a microphone is a breath of fresh air in a world full of over produced music these days. The songs are beautifully constructed and Gary's vocals are right on at the right times and they crack just at the points that need to be there. The guitar licks often sound as if several people are playing. His voice often sounds like a young George Jones or a beer soaked Johnny Thunders. Gary really hits it on "Spotlight" an obscure David Allen Coe tune, With the simple guitar and vocal he truly evokes the theme of "shoot out the spotlight." The best songs on this release are Gary's original tunes, the words display the truth in the stories. This record reminds me alot of Richard Buckner's "Bloomed" Townes Van Zandt's "Live at the Old Quarter" Gary also does an interpretation of Eddie Holly's "Wastin". All and all a great find for anyone who loves their music simple, beautiful and a little rough around the edges.”

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