Gary Marks / Press

“In July 2012, Gary Marks' Upon Oanda's Wing, originally released in 1976, has been re-released in Japan by the record label Stella. Akira Suzuki & Soichi Koyanagi Emperor (World Standard in Tokyo) recommend with confidence this CD, calling it the world's first masterpiece folk jazz album.”

“Amsterdam's Record Label, Kindred Sprits will re-release "Gathering", Gary Marks's folk-jazz classic album in September 2006. In 1973 Gary Marks, self-produced his first album, "Gathering." His original music was accompanied by his band of future jazz greats, including guitarist John Scofield, pianist Michael Cochrane, and vibraphonist David Samuels. The LP was picked up and distributed internationally by Carla Bley's prestigious "J.C.O.A." label. "Gathering" was a unique amalgam of great songwriting, stunning instrumental playing, and lyrics that spoke in a poetic voice like no other artist of his era. "Gathering" grew in stature through the years, as Marks continued his songwriting career, John Scofield became one of the world's most famous guitarists, and David Samuels and Michael Cochrane became internationally recognized. ”

“In songs such as 'World of the Living,' 'Rules of the Road' and the title tune 'Past the Nightwatch,' Marks shows a knack for turning a mature lyric about love, relationships, and finding a place in the world into a catchy and memorable song, something rare in pop music these days. ”

Larry Kelp - Oakland Tribune

“When the San Francisco Bay Guardian published it's 18th annual "Best of San Francisco" edition in 1996, Marks' songwriting career was highlighted: "Marks is a meticulous craftsman, injecting his modern rock sound with interesting harmonic subtleties and powerful lyrics. . . [His] lyrics poetically address how we treat each other and our planet." ”

San Francisco Bay Guardian

“SF Bay Area music reviewer, Derk Richardson, wrote this in "BAM" (Bay Area Music Magazine) about "The Real World:" ". . . Superb song craft. . . keen arrangements. If familiar reference points are Steve Winwood and Bruce Hornsby, Marks demonstrates as much care to the architecture of a song as those two certified platinum stars did on their most recent outings. Each song is intelligent, exceptional . . ." ”

Derek Richardson - Bay Area Music Magazine

“Jazz Magazine's W. Patrick Hinely wrote: ". . . A flow chart of 'Upon Oanda's Wing' might closely resemble some of Milton Nasciemento's EMI albums, which still serve as a paragon for anyone trying to be equally convincing across the board, from tight vocals and arrangements, to wide open instrumental playing." ”

Jazz Magazine

“Sheilah Glover, KPFA radio in San Francisco, proclaimed: "Gary's teaching method is unique and potent. Students learn at an astounding pace. . . .He gets to the core of the creative process with joy, insight, and a reverence for clarity. He is simply the best teacher of anything in the San Francisco Bay Area."”

KPFA Radio