Gary Kochan / Press

“I really enjoyed the guitar work in Reflections, you really conveyed the feeling of reflecting... ”

Blackkiss - ReverbNation

“I'll hold on to you gets me. Love this sound and decided to play it before I go to sleep. Beautiful, beautiful song.”

Carmen Amoros - ReverbNation

“I really appreciate the fact that your songs reflect stories of the heart. There is nothing better than the simple sound of a vocal and an acoustic guitar. Blessings to you Gary!”

Edgar Allen Lee - ReverbNation

“It is good to hear someone who gives so much to the lyrics as well as the melodies. Good stuff! I have enjoyed listening.”

Olen Roberts - ReverbNation

“Great songwriting and tasteful arrangements. your guitar work and vocals are beautifully understated.”

Ed Carper - ReverbNation

“You have such a breezy Americana style -very refreshing, insightful writing and can only say I hope to hear more from you.”

James Christian Andersen - ReverbNation