“Thank you, i really love your Music Garry. I'm going to get all 4 of your albums! I'm a true FAN!!! Thank you for giving your gift of music to the world! "Laker 4 Life"”

Laker 4 Life - All Albums Pastor!

“PASTOR WRITES SONGS FOR THE TOUGHEST OF TIMES!Paradise is powerful.This Cd shows Gospel music need not be boring.Moore conveys a message with a blend of R&b,Pop, & Jazz style music.It crosses all color & cultural lines bringing the message of salvation to a dying world."PARADISE IS SIMPLY AWESOME"”

“Pastor I Love this song the first time I heard ( Your Never Alone)it was at the concert and I about cried my eyes out this really helped me a lot thank you and May God continue to Bless you and First Lady.. Love you both...”

Mrs. Campbell

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this music!!!”

Donita Gwyn

“Rick Frost: These songs are so well crafted it is as if Garry Moore has a "Perfect Song Writing Program " in his head. It is impossible to listen to this guy get into a groove and walk away. Garry you are great man! Peace,”

Rick Frost - Rick Frost

“I have shared you with Many people, and will continue to! I LOVE "got to have faith" and so many of your songs! Inspirational... "your calling" along with many things..”


“Absolute master of soul!!! Very much enjoyed listening..Thanks for the beauty Garry:)”

She Said & Hillbilly Dix

“Your music is awsome love your song "you've been so good".What a blessing , God Bless you , love and blessings!”

Won Heart

“Thanks to your music I'v got Faith in Christianity... AWESOME!”

Miss P.

“U've touched my heart with those beautiful songs... God bless u always!”

La Pantera

“Thank you for telling me about this Wonderfu Dedication To your grandma. It is So Great I almost started to Cry. The music melody and especially the Words are beyond Wonderful!”

Heleana Maria

“Hi,super smooth Garry simply awsome unique,fantastic keep it up one can learn from you”


“Sounds great! Excellent musicianship and skill! My favorite song is "Got To Have Faith." Very uplifting! The shout in the beginning reminds me of James Brown… lol. Continue using your gifts and talents for Jesus!”

Solo Joe

“Hey Garry, lovin this music! awesome work! listening to Got to Have Faith right now and can't sit still:) God bless you and your music talent! love this!! Charissa Mrowka”

Charissa Mrowka

“YOU ARE AWESOME, Garry!! great music! love your voice! God bless.”

Michael Hartman