Garrick Davis - Music Artist & Storyteller / Press

“Songs of wisdom, songs of dues paying, songs of experience, and ultimately, songs of winning the struggle.”

Suzanne Glass - Indie-Music.com

“Simply awesome and inspiring. Immediate and unique qualities. Excellent work.”


“the kid be jammin”

Aubrey F. - YouTube

“Me gusta mucho su interpretación, increíble percepción del tiempo, Espero podamos verlo en México. Saludos (I really like your interpretation, amazing perception of time, I hope we can see it in México.Saludos)”

Raul R. - YouTube

“Soulful, wonderful and intense!”

viddie78 - YouTube

“...this performance of yours made goose pumps to me. Awesome playing my friend! All the best from your huge fan from Finland.”

Matti P. - YouTube

“‎"a master on the guitar"”

“wish I had your voice...”

“youurr'ee soooooooooooooooo good.. =D ”

“Your playing and style is wonderful and unique.My 4yo watches construction videos…your track was behind one-GD blues…bought The Show off Itunes.It is wonderful.As a guitar player myself you are an inspiration to listen to...wish i lived in the bay area and not the east coast so i could see you..”

Dave Trownsell - Facebook via YouTube

"You ROCK Davis!!!

"Discovered you today! Immediately bought your cd "show" on Itunes. I love it!!!!!! Thanks from the Netherlands."

“You have such a fierce funk going on- and there's no slop in it...it reminds me of a cross between Nile Rogers and Stevie Ray Vaughan, then you go in with that country stuff...what versatility! God blees ya and rock on!”

“Cool G. C'est magnifique when singing with the heart!!”

“Comment on YouTube video: GD+FunkyBand-"...Trouble" Guitar/Sax Sweetwater 3/6/08 Comment on your video: GD+FunkyBand-"...Trouble" Guitar/Sax Sweetwater 3/6/08 Man why cant the music being released these days be up to these standards. Keep funkin bro, im feelin this. Serious talent here. PEace ”

“Garrick you are the best guitar player I have see on youtube to date amd im on here alot checking out people's take on great songs to influence my own playing. I figured id comment and let you know that... ”

“Hey Hello! I love your music, it is so beautiful! You are a wonderful musician, singer and guitar player!...I found your song of Chemical Reaction in youtube, thanks a lot! you are an angel... I want to be your friend!”