Garrett Heck / Press

“Spreading The Disease: 'So, I’ve been kind of lost in the big vat of sauce that we call life and decided to finally conduct an interview that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. It would have been nice to do this in person, but it was a pleasure nonetheless. Some of you visiting this page know who Garrett Heck is already. The music scene in Oklahoma is as diverse as it is a close-knit family so that comes as no surprise to me. For those of you who don’t know anything about the man or the musician, this will be a special treat for you. Not only do you get to discover new music, but you gain a closer glimpse into the collective heartbeat of real and raw music speaking through Garrett’s sincerity. To mirror the subject of this post, I have decided to leave the audio of the interview untouched and will transcribe it in a few more days for those that have problems understanding anything being said due to audio quality or any other reason. Enjoy the listen!' http://youtu.be/n-ccip95Qo”

“[Garrett's] set consisted of mostly blues and country, in fact he even started his set with a rousing cover of Son House’s 'Grinnin In Your Face.' From there he unleashed an incredibly entertaining set full of songs like 'Straight To Hell' and 'Smoke And Wine' by Hank III to 'Kaw-Liga' by Hank Williams which were very fun to sing along to. His set also featured a few originals which you could tell came straight from the heart and featured an incredibly bluesy spin to his lyrics. One of the covers he played that I enjoyed the most, aside from the Son House cover was his cover of Leadbelly’s 'Pick A Bale Of Cotton.' Aside from the covers, he also did a few originals songs during his set, the ones that stood out the most to me were 'I Try' and '[Crazy/Home]' which were both pretty awesome. I was surprised at just how good Garrett’s set was and I think having a hefty dose of blues/country/rock n’ roll definitely set an excellent tone for the evening without question.”