Garrett Bradford / Press

““Garrett Bradford is country to the bone.” “I have known him since he was a kid, and he's the real deal. He's a talented writer, singer, and entertainer, his ideas are fresh, his writing is catchy and his voice is believable. Hank senior would have loved this guy!” ”

(writer of numerous top 10 CMA songs) - Dan Roberts

"Garrett Bradford has the all the tools to become Country Music's next Legend!"

Chad Fincher - BOOST Entertainment

““Garrett is a uniquely one of a kind Texas singer-songwriter. If you want to experience the feeling of genuine Texas culture, listen to Garrett and you'll get it in spades!””

Terry Boothe - Texas Heritage Songwriters Association

““When I think of country music I think of authenticity. When I think of Garrett Bradford i think of Authenticity. Garrett is what country music is missing... He is the essence of the soul country music has left to its newest generation and Garrett is poised to be the face of that sound.” ”

Nick Lippman - Lippman Entertainment