Gareth Jay / Press

"I’m not even a huge Blues fan but I’m in love with this EP"

"Gareth Jay releases knock-out self-titled EP"

"Premiere: Gareth Jay Drops His Killer Self-Titled EP"

"I reckon the future of Aussie blues is in good hands with young guys like him out there" Garry Lambert

"Acho que não há nada mais bonito ver um músico fazendo serenata, um rapaz que está apaixonado tocando seu violão, ainda por cima, ele tem uma voz incríveis."

"...astonishing live looping, intricate guitar skills, complex vocals and funky harmonica skills known to keep his audiences at the edge of their seat."

"Gareth Jay is a blues artist that brings out honesty, soul and emotion when he sings and strums the guitar. He’s possibly the hardest working musician in Sydney; you can see him looping around town, literally with his incredible loop pedal skills"

"Gareth Jay is a Sydney Blues artist with raw talent with his live looping, intricate guitar skills and his passion for the Blues. He’s a perfectionist, growing up he had to listen to his step father yelling at him to stop playing the same thing over and over again on the guitar. Luckily for us he never listened, and now he’s infusing our soul with the Blues."

"Just wanna say thank you again mate!! It was unreal and Lorraine absolutely loved it all...the songs were all perfect as well!!! " James Jackson, a recent proposal on the beach at Watson's Bay I played.

James Jackson

"...at the back in the garden courtyard and enjoyed the soulful blues of Gareth Jay."

“...the bride and groom opted to hire a great musician, Gareth Jay... These guys are totally A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! They had rocked the house!!! They totally had the roof on fire!! I really liked how they played the guitar riffs and solos. They had a wide range of song selections and they just nailed it!!”