GANG / Press

"This show was fucking insane. GANG! was insane. They even had Peaches dancing backstage."

"Ok, it's simple. GANG's music, and "Past, Present, Future" in particular, is what Klaus Nomi would have sounded like if he was a 4 piece band, featuring 2 blonde haired girls, 1 brunette and a dude guy on drums."

Walrus Music Blog

"Between unpretentious production and sexy-silly bon mots, GANG deliver a hyper, horny dance floor summons you'll actually want to obey."

Philadelphia Weekly

"GANG is part science class, part art project, part dance party."

City Paper (Philadelphia)

"Rat Poison should have been the theme to Rocky Balboa- 10 out of 10."

CD Times (UK)

"Their tales of astronauts and bridges that went "blah blah blah" all sounded heavenly."

Philadelphia Inquirer

"The album packs enough energy to power the outfield lights of Citizen's Bank Park through the twilight hours of a fifteen-inning game."

The Triange (Drexel University)

"What'll you uncover if you dig a hole to China? GANG's "Rat Poison" has the answer. But you've gotta think in metaphors. And listen closely. And understand Italian. That's a lot of work, and every time I get close to the answer, I'm too busy dancing my ass off to care."

City Paper (Philadelphia)