“Here is another awesome release coming from Toronto... Galaxies In The River released their first four-track work of brilliant instrumental heavy psych blues... Glorious grooves influenced by the 70's heavy rock heroes, blues-ful souls and psych tripping which create 24 minutes of great, highly-enjoyable music. These guys are first-class players and "Home From Above" needs your immediate attention... Read more: ”

“Man, these guys rock! An instrumental retro acid-psych trio led by the guitar stylings of Chris Kendrick, who channels Hendrix and SRV with his blazing fretwork. Their drummer knows his 70′s fills, and John “Oxenberger” Kendrick holds down the low end, without the weird monologues.”

"Toronto-based band Galaxies in the River harken back to the days when heavy rock music filled your veins with passion. With influences ranging from Captain Beyond to Hendrix the all-instrumental vibes reek of pure seventies heavy rock, complete with glorious solos, psychedelic mind-trips and funky desert rock grooves. The warbled wah-wah and muddied heaviness undermine the otherwise clean production and impressive musicianship. This is a band that deserves your attention." -Heavy Planet

" Man, I wish every heavy rock band in town had dancing girls in bikinis playing with paint during their set. (Would probably boost attendance at gigs like this!) Not that Galaxies in the River need a gimmick with their killer instrumental tunes, mind you. The airtight power trio shifted seamlessly from the desert rock grooves of Kyuss to the psychedelic freakouts of Hendrix, with many a solid guitar solo. Not a bad soundtrack for those girls with the paint...", Gruesome Greg http://www.toohightogetitright.com

"Have a listen to Galaxies in the River, the most recently finished project at Backbone Studios. Done live off the floor with some guitar overdubs, these 70's style psychedelic instrumentals are among my favorite of the songs we've done at the studio"-Pat Khan Engineer at Backbone Studios

Pat Khan - Backbone Studios