Galactic Anthems / Press

“GALACTIC ANTHEMS The Other Side (CD on Galactic Anthems Music) This release from 2010 features 59 minutes of cosmic electronic music. Galactic Anthems is Glenn Adams. These compositions flourish with a buoyant bounce which colors the music with a jubilant flavor. The latter part of this album consists of harmonic pieces, and even these beatless tunes exhibit a strong expansive mien, aspiring to enrapture the listener with a positive sense of cosmic wonder.”

“The salient feature of this album is how many of the pieces are very evocative. Take "Madness" for example; this features a gentle background rhythm over which unsettling sounds and voices convey a sense of being in a mentally dark and unpredictable place. Another is "Sunrise at Sheep Pass" on which shimmering, calmly shiny, and slowly rousing synths help make one imagine the rising sun spreading colour and light. With Abstract Circuitry Glenn has created what I'd best describe as a sister album to the debut Galactic Anthems because he hasn't pushed the musical envelope far from that beginning but instead seems to have explored it further.”

“The Galactic Anthems CD starts with very nice driving rhythms and mysterious textures, on the second track changing to a kind of ambient lounge with a certain jazzy feel (which is not really my cup of tea). "Journey" takes off with fast, minimal sequencers and slight Vangelis flavours, ending up as a real sound drifter. It doesn’t take long before the music takes a deeper dive on the tracks that follow. Sparkling Eastern sounds and warm soundscapes show up, nicely accompanied by pulsating rhythms. "Tortured Souls" is a strong, dynamic outing with great expanding textures, fast rhythms and a strange mixture of sounds. The following three tracks all contains a strong cinematic feel, it’s like flying above a fascinating alien landscape. The last two pieces of the cd venture in more quiet, cosmic territory, creating a pleasant, desolate atmosphere. This properly produced and composed cd is a very interesting album for all those who love the lighter and darker shades of spacemusic”

“With his seventh release "The Other Side", Glenn Adams (aka Galactic Adams) treats us with a true cosmic album. The nine tracks offer a bright assortment of electronic sounds, ranging from a few dynamic, pulsating, rhythmic-sequencer driven pieces to cinematic spacious sketches making up the biggest part of the album. The melodic, uptempo side is heard on e.g. "8:05 to Olympus Mons" and "Forward Motion". Thereafter, the music takes a strong turn and heads into the far depths of the galaxy with soundscape outings. The expansive deep spaces found on the second half of the cd are very well done. This galactic journey takes off with "Fog across the moor". "Ghosts of the Andalusian Plain","In F" "System Sentinels" and the title track complete it. All are morphing, swirling but always "active" tracks, together clocking over 30 minutes. Nice going, Glenn. ”

“Writing for Keyboard, Associate Editor Michael Gallant said: “Here at Keyboard Central, Galactic Anthems’ grand, synth-orchestrated project Semper Fidelity is a new one for us — a comic book soundtrack. Reading and listening simultaneously is an engaging, trippy experience for sure. For crafting great mood music — and using it in a quirky, entertaining context — Galactic Anthems (a.k.a. electronic artist Glenn Adams) is Keyboard’s Unsigned Artist of the Month.””

Michael Gallant - Keyboard, August 2007