“And for the love of JaZZ on a beautiful Tuesday~here’s the amazing, Gail Jhonson on keys, “Miles Away”, ‘Pearls’ CD~”

“It was fate on that childhood day in Philadelphia, when Gail Denise Jhonson sat on her steps, waiting for her friend. When Gail asked her what took so long, her pal replied, "Piano lessons!" Gail pondered that - then ran home to ask her Mom if she could take piano, too. Thank God!”

“I truly enjoyed this show. Gail is not only a professional musician who has surrounded herself with other professional musicwomen but she's open and honest about her experience as a women in music, in jazz particular! Great show, Cres, thank you.”

“Writer, producer and keyboard player Gail Jhonson is someone for whom the accolades of multi talented and multi faceted hardly seem adequate. Currently dividing her time between her staff position at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA, and her role as musical director and touring keyboard playing for smooth jazz superstar Norman Brown, Jhonson also has her very own CD, ‘Keep the Music Playing’, on release. This follow up to her debut album ‘It’s About Time’ came out in 2004 and is a wonderful collection of edgy smooth jazz tunes that deserves to make her stand out from the crowd.”

“Some of the brightest lights seem to always glow from behind the curtains or just off-center of the performing stage. Such is the case with the brilliance of pianist/keyboardist and musical director for the masterful Norman Brown, Gail Jhonson, who’s already cranked out two sweet, melodic projects in the past (2004’s Keep the Music Playing and 2008’s Pearls). She’s back with all her jazzy charm and classy knowledge to seduce us with another heavy dose of contemporary jazz as it ought to sound with Herstory, a right-on assessment of her that she is quick to proclaim starts with her mom (“My Story begins with Herstory”).”

“Gail Jhonson is a lady who knows what she likes and how she wants it done.”

“It’s always exciting when powerhouse talents like Philly native Gail Jhonson break through the boys club of urban-oriented smooth jazz and give the guys a run for their money.”

“HerStory may be pretty much the smooth jazz prototype for many. But what puts the icing on the cake is the passion and expressions Jhonson puts into every note and chord plus the guest musicians she surrounds herself with. And of course, there is the undeniable funk factor that Jhonson is passing; as a teacher and musician; onto future generations of jazz groove architects.”

“It’s no surprise that a performer who got her start working with funny funkster Morris Day settles into a lightly swinging keyboard groove from the start on “Do Something Else.””