Gail Carson / Press

“Beautiful Night - Love your voice, the beat, and the lyrics!!”

Mary McClure

“Don't forget the part about being an inspiration and a shining example! You are so much more than a description, you are a powerful spiritual woman who nurtures so many without any expectation of anything in return. Keep bringing us the beauty in your songs, photos, and poems for you make this world a better place.”

Susan Jean Grandy - Susan Jean Grandy

“Walk Away - Mellifluous..... Hearing some subtle Anne Murray influence ......Nice work Gail .... Good Luck with it !!”

Rob Cariddi

“Ms. Gail, you always bring vast gifts, thru your deep love, joy & thrilling wisdom in your beautiful songs”

Judith A - Sharp Rose

“Your Songs are Heart-felt and always have words I can Relate to. I love your songs!”

Denise Schultz

“Gail when I hear you sing I feel life, I feel love. I have always called you my SINGING ANGEL. I think you are an amazing artist with a heart of gold. I absolutely love and adore you”

Laurie Bass-Barr

“Gail, your music's great - a body of songs of love, loss, hope; heartfelt lyrics delivered with conviction; rich musical melodies that convey mood and feeling - all that celebrate and grow folk and Americana music traditions. Plus, you do so much to support and encourage other independent writers, artists and performers. Thanks for your efforts, thanks for your support, thanks for your songs!”

Mike Turner

“Gail wrote a song called Every Now And Then as a tribute to a friend of ours ( Ray Payton ) It moved me so much that I asked to include it in my shows.....he was a good man.....Gail is a great writer.”

Rickey Combs

“Music that comes from the heart! True meaning!”

Kathy Smyth Stewart

“I love your songs...each a story of your life, your adventures, and love that is in your heart. Your music takes us all on your journey.........”

Curley Trujillo

“Your music touches me all the time.Your songs always tell a wonderful story.Not to mention a voice that is soothing and beautiful.Thank you for sharing your passion!”

Desi Rock Hilliard

“Gail, everything you write is your masterpiece and it comes from your heart. You write real lyrics and they can touch any soul that will spend the time to listen. You are a great songwriter, a great person, and an even greater friend.”

Jimmy Parker

“WOW! The voice of an Angel!”

David John McCoy

“I work at my brother in law's Aquatic Center. We have several senior ladies that come to swim regularly. Last week a woman was complaining to me how ugly her wrinkles were. I kept trying to reassure her .. to no avail. That night on way home listened to your Mirrors CD....no accident! Next time she was in I gave it to her. Wanted you to know how much your music affects others. When she came in next time she was glowing. Said she'd never look in the mirror the same way again. That her and her friends now listen to CD in her car regularly. She was beaming!!!! Thanks Gail ... you are awesome!”

Judy Rhodes

" Tonight I'm Gonna Give You My All" is so beautiful you made me cry. Love Dawn. XXX"

The Fludes

"Just pick a topic, or pick an emotion; and Gail will pick her guitar, and sing you just the right song for how you are feeling."

Kim Gilmore Graves

"Loving & Good friends Communicate with Words & Music"

Johnny Lovesinger

"Music is breathing; it's just what you do."

Tom Rasely

"Great music that relates to real life experiences / great Photographer too"

Julie Keech-Harris

"Gail's songs are spectacularly written with passion and a never-ending love for what she does."

Ann-Marie Hughes

"Real Songs! :) "

Michael Batcho

"Gail Carson the Songwriter's, Songwriter. Her songs reach the heart and soul of life's experiences. Touching and True!"

"Gail Carson a friend to many! Songwriter Extraordinaire!"

Mary McClure

“EXISTING AND LIVING is really awesome Gail,, What a great song,, wonderful message and so true,, … LOVE IT… BFF sis Love,,, Bonnie”

Bonnie McGill

“Hey Gentle Breeze. You did Nashville on your terms, your way. They are still talking about you. Talent trumps business. Thanks for the tender moments of listening. Peace.”

Emmett Carlisle

“Gail Carson you know we have "Angels in common", your messages in song are sent to you to be shared by those of us who NEED to hear them! THANKS for continuing to share your generous heartfelt love !”

Mary Mcclure

“EVERY NOW AND THEN, a great and beautiful song.”


“Rickey Combs Thursday, Jul 17 at 2:07 AM Every Now And Then was written for one our mutual friends and moved me to ask permission to use it in my shows....we are working on it and when we have it ready, I plan on sharing the video. Thank You Gail! You are an awesome writer.”

Rickey Combs - Rickey Combs

“And, the hits keep coming. Nice arrangement with Cello and keys. Peace my sister.”

Emmett Carlisle

“Beautiful song Gail. It put a smile in my heart. I listened to your song right after my morning prayer time. How perfect.”

Idell Smith

“Gorgeous and very loving song Gail Carson! This one will be one of my favorites for sure! Brought happy tears to my eyes! Our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up on May 10 and now I have the perfect song to play on that day!! thanks !!”

Mary McClure

“I love my friend Gail and I enjoy her folk style music...and more than anything.. I appreciate who she is, her kindness, talent and intelligence. She is a fabulous Friend to me ... Love you, Gail Carson”

Sondi Rose Alan

“You are an integral part of ' Real Lives '. Your songs were missed and requested. You have touched our listeners with the messages in your songs, and your comments in chat. You are a special friend of the programme, of Pat McMahon, and of course, Paddy Lane. Love to you and thanks from CRY104FM.”

Paddy Lane - CRY104FM Youghal, Ireland

“The Gail Carson Store Now Available!! .99 Downloads! http://www.reverbnation.com/store/store/artist_593386?item_type=music”

Gail Carson

"I really love this song, (You'll Always Be In My Heart) it hit home as I lost my husband of nearly 37 years almost three months ago. It was as if he was talking to me. Thank you so much for writing this song. Love it, can't stop crying."

Marietjie Pietersen

“No one can compare to you Gail.. You are in a class of your own.. You go girl.. I just love you...”

Bonnie McGill

“Thanks Gail for offering Holding A Sign to JD&A's Homelessness Benefit Project! You are a great gift to earth with your music & messages!”

Julie Day and Associates

“Hi Gail .... Wow!! .. your new song (You Got To Let It Go) is fantastic .. already have shared it on my FB pages and have it on my favorites ... such a good nature , upbeat sound ... Blessings ”

Stu "Bear" Beitler

“Gail Carson,, Your songwriting is truly a GIFT FROM GOD..Your unique style is a smorgasbord of pure genius.. Ranging from PLAYFUL to SINCERE, IRONIC, PASSIONATE, There is not a topic I can think of that you haven't touched upon.. Golden Pen in the hands of a lady with a golden HEART”

Bonnie McGill

“When the heart speaks....I transpose! But when the heart sings.... it is in your music!!!”

Peter Kuhn

“Hi Gail You are one truly amazing writer and singer I can't believe all that you do and such a fantastic photographer and beautiful person on the inside and out... I wish we lived closer.. I'd love to have coffee with you every now and then and just be around you.. I think we could be good friends..Got some of your songs playing here tonight.. I do love them all..Take care sis.”

Bonnie McGill

“: I Had to Come Back Gail, To Listen to One of the Smoothest Voices on RN..”

Ron Sillito (Artist)

“To all my friends, old and new, I would like you to listen to a friend of mine. Newest song out of a deep portfolio of great music, Gail Carson sings like a sweet voiced folk artist of the 60's, comparable to Joan Baez in my opinion, with modern slants and curves that are meaningful to the audience at large today! A fem fatal photographer, prolific songwriter, and consummate performer, she is a triple threat or like Vinny says, "A Hat Trick", which is a term in soccer for a Three Peat!!! Enjoy this newest addition to her body of works, and get more from gailcarson.shutterfly.com”

Norine Mungo

“Come Hear All Gail Carson's Music and See All Gail Carson's Folk Festival Photography All In One Place! www.gailcarson.shutterfly.com”

“PJ Steelman: Gail, Time and Tide is outstanding!! Great work!!”

PJ Steelman

“Doug Hoskins: Great Music here Gail!! You can write 'em Gal!! Love to hear you sing too!!”

Doug Hoskins

“Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr.: Wow, Simply Oustanding!!!!!”

Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr

“John Hasnip: What a great voice you have Gail,i'm listening to Born to do. Its a great song,excellent job!”

John Hasnip

“Mike Jurgensen: Hey Gail- keep pumping out those pretty tunes! Great melodies and harmonies!”

Mike Jurgensen

“Bobby Swift - Songwriter: One in a million, great song!”

Bobby Swift

“Darren Rhodes: Hi my friend with an angels voice. Six Months To Live is awesome...”

Darren Rhodes

“The Fabulous Del Counts: "Two Thumbs Up " Gail, great song list”

The Fabulous Del Counts

“Vittorio Gerlini Jp: Calling All Angels wonderful song and the way you sing so beautiful.... :-)”

Vittorio Gerlini Jp

“Stu "Bear" Beitler: All I can say is Fantastic !!!!!!!!!! All your songs are amazing, lyrically, musically in every respect Blessings Stu "Bear"”

Stu "Bear" Beitler

“Cowgirl Divas Radio: Your music, friendship and support is fantastic.. God bless you girl.”

Cowgirl Divas Radio:

“Phil Hunolt: Gail continues to amaze me, with beautiful harmonies, wonderful messages in her songs, and various tempos to match the point(s) she is conveying. Awesome person, awesome artist!!”

Phil Hunolt:

“Kit Mann: Gail, Six Months to live, Lord I'm still crying so if I make a typo forgive me. I love your vocals so much, you are so talented, you really set the bar for greatness. Your Friend and Fan Kit”

Kit Mann:

“Ron Sillito: Hi Gail...What a Nice Smooth Voice..LOVE it Dear...Gonna Sit Here Relax, and Listen to a Few....”

Ron Sillito

“Some folks write poetry, and turn it into a song... some write lyrics, and put it to music...Gail Carson....has a song in her heart..and blends it with music..to give the "wings" of heart..the ability to soar!! Sondi Rose Alan”

Sondi Rose Alan

“Hi my beautiful wonderful sweet talented gifted precious friend..I feel so blessed to have been able to get to know you.. You are one of the nicest people I've ever known.. Your unique way of writing and singing stays deeply embedded in the heart of the listener..Thank you for being my friend.. Though we are many miles apart.. I feel very close to you..Love Bonnie McGill 03/12/2012 9:40 PM ”

Artist - Bonnie McGill 03/12/2012 9:40 PM

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