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“Phenomenal. Armed with both swagger and ambition, the quintet comes through with confidence, conviction and maturity on every song. With a release like this under their belt, Gabriel the Marine is most assuredly a band to watch out for in the years to come.”

“Among a handful of newly-minted bands playing Bamboozle, this quintet stands out. They eschew bratty pop-punk and cheesy emo-pop for a violin-laced sound that wraps around a conceptual, continuous narrative of a character called Gabriel. Think the Decemberists meet Jimmy Eat World.”

"I think I'm qualified to say this...These guys are the best new band to come out of the Island in a while. If I were a betting man, I would bet the farm on them following the foot steps of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and all the other Long Island bands that give Long Island a national identity.

“I was blown away by Gabriel the Marine, whose live show seriously rocked the house down...At the end of the day ladies and gentleman, Long Island isn't dead.”

"These guys put on a terrific show...defining their sound is almost as difficult as it is to forget their band name...they were a genuinely talented band."

"Pure and well screwed around with pop-rock heaven... All of which means...[they] sound like some alt-stadium uptake on the Waterboys, or something a zillion degrees cooler.Oh yes. This stuff is fucking ace"

"Gabriel the Marine was born of Igor Stravinsky and Miles Davis and The Beatles. Enough said...Their first EP does them no justice compared to their live show...the next EP may prove them to be the Sigur Ros of North America."

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“The slightly classical approach lifts this recording from the plethora of sound-alike music out there.”

“One of the hardest working bands east of the Hudson River, they have a highly developed sound that is on the forefront of the new rock sound and a core fan base unparralelled in Long Island, backed up by some of the most cutting edge songs out there.”

"Gabriel the Marine satisfies...cravings for some nice classical and convential instrumentation with their newest EP".

"Gabriel the Marine has a sound like no other...they are the calm before the storm, the belief of not Emo, but multi-paced genrification. Absolutely one of the best finds in this year's Indie of the Year."