Gabraella Rose / Press

“Gabraella Rose has one of the most beautiful voices my ears have ever heard in my life. I can’t compare her voice to anyone else because it really is one of a kind. She’s also an accomplished guitar player with her folky rhythms and her unique styled finger picking. Gabraella also writes incredible songs, she will have everyone at her shows and open mics singing along with the tunes she wrote . . . Gabraella is only 17 years old and can write a song as if she was the wise owl who experienced a lifetime of love, hardships and laughter. Gabraella Rose is an incredible musician. You must come out and see her perform. Do not miss out on her talent.”

“Gabraella Rose, or Gabby Seeley, a 16 year-old Naples singer, is opening the show with her own “straight-ahead” music performances, Perry said.”

"Notable performances were by Gabraella Rose, All Three Peters’ Brothers, Frankie Colt, John D’Zurilla, and many more."