GABE / Press

"We were so happy to have GABE perform. He is so talented and I see a bright future for him"

Macy's - Macy's Mall Of GA

"GABE is not just a piece of music’s missing puzzle; he is a revolutionary, he provokes epiphanies in anyone who listens to his music."

"GABE is an international Pop Sensation knocking on the door"

"GABE is a beast. He is the next big thing in pop"

Johnny P (Do Or Die)

"You can tell the level of work that GABE puts in. He's just on it"

Eve (Rapper)

"GABE you make Minneapolis proud. You had a great performance"

Mario Lopez (TV Host)

"GABE the ladies were feeling you man, the ladies were feeling you! You want to be the poster child and the ladies are going to be screaming.. I feel like you have that on your side"

Taboo (Black Eyed Peas)

"GABE your voice is the strongest I've heard tonight"

Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child)

"GABE your voice and look is great. I really do think you have a package that will sell"

Brian Friedman (Justin Bieber Choreographer)

“The one thing we know, YOU’RE GONNA HEAR FROM “GABE.””

“Gabriel Jay Lustman (born March 22, 1988; pronounced Ga-bree-el), who performs under the mononym GABE, is an American recording artist and songwriter. GABE rose to fame in 2007 when he was discovered on social media network myspace by MTV Networks and was casted for the show and shortly after Releasing his debut mixtape The Take Off (2010), GABE took the Midwest music scene by storm in his first week selling over 2,000 copies independantly. GABE has toured with acts such as Chris Brown (2006), Cherish (2006), Trey Songz (2007), Fat Joe (2007), and is set to headline his break out Midwest tour Fall of 2010. <references/> myspace.com/gabesingin youtube.com/gabesingin twitter.com/gabesingin”