Gabe Hizer / Press

“[Gabe's] writing is equally strong, capturing the loneliness of independence, hurtful partings, lost love, and old memories. Gabe Hizer’s Persistence of Memory is a strong debut for an artist who has something to say and can say it well. Rating 4/5.”

Janie Franz - Review You

“His music is a mix of blues, jazz, soul and pop. It is so interesting and different. Very original. He kind of has this raspy voice that is really great to listen to. His guitar skills are amazing!”

“Gabe Hizer is an amazing singer with an incredible vocal range. His powerful lyrics put him in the same league as some of the best songwriters.”

“This album was an absolute joy to listen to....Its only February, but I count Gabe’s Persistence Of Memory one of my favorite albums of the year. I’m sure in December when I look back on all the music that’s come out, this album will still be in the top. Rating: 9.9/10”