gabe angelo / Press

“Vetern Performer keeps the classics alive”

Laura Gooley - The Islander

“ Gabe Angelo is the Deck's newest entertainer appearing Fri.& Sat.nites. Dressed in a black tuxedo, he gives the presence of class. Gabe sings a plethora of songs by Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darrin, Tony Bennett, Nat Cole and Johnny Mathis among many others, He sings the songs in his own voice which also include oldie tunes and some of the more current tunes. His voice is rather mellow, especially with the slow tunes, some songs are done better then others . Gabe is a down to earth singer who gives it everything he has as the locals seem to love him. Gabe Angelo is the entertainer,dressed in a Tuxedo, he gives the presence of class”

Phylis Bator - Marco Island Sun Times, Fl.